Free 3D-printed implant models for placement puzzles

Hey Dangerous Friends,

I just got my xG3 in the mail, and I’m trying to figure out where to put it. I can’t safely take it out of the injector to hold it up to my hand, so I SLS printed a tiny kit that has 1:1 models of the xEM, xNT, Vivokey Spark, flexDF, and xG3. I can mail you one of these for free if you like.

Some notes:

  • Thanks to minimum order quantities, it cost exactly the same to print 77 of these as it would to print 1. I have 76 extras - just DM me your address and I’d be delighted to mail you a few. If you find it useful, you can send a few bucks to the ACLU in lieu of payment.
  • It comes all in one piece, and you can easily separate it with an X-Acto knife. Just be careful, the flexDF part is… flexible.
  • I’ve found these are accurate to within 0.1mm, but measure yourself to be sure.
  • The DT website lists the xG3 as 3mm x 15mm, but the physical packaging says 3mm x 13mm. I printed at 15mm to be conservative.
  • The material is fairly porous and might get dirty if you handle it a lot. I’ve given it a quick protective clear coat, but don’t be surprised if it ends up a bit grimy.

Hope y’all find this useful! Will report back once I’m magnetic.


As a new user I can only put one image in a post, but here’s the kit before disassembly and the xG3 model on my hand for scale.



This is amazing!

Yes the xG3 is 3x15 and I messed up in the printed packaging. That fixed in the next batch.


Any chance you could release STLs? I’d host it for you on my web server.


Here’s the STL! The text was way too small and didn’t end up coming out. Also note that this hasn’t been optimized for printability - I’ve been using an industrial SLS printer that can print without support structures - but it might end up a huge mess on a regular FDM or resin printer. (176.8 KB)


Most of us can toss supports in with slic3r or cura so that shouldn’t be an issue. What did you make it in?

I made it in Fusion 360, and I’ve attached the file. But a big disclaimer that the design process was, uhh, iterative and the file is a huge mess. Hope it’s helpful regardless. (766.6 KB)

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