Free car wash? Christ!

So… one of the local gas stations has this “Buy 3 get 5” car wash deal

…turns out that if you buy this, you get a card…

A mifare classic to be exact

… turns out someone has free car wash for life😁
Hypothetically speaking, of course! I personally would NEVER do anything illegal like clone a washing card

Anyway, for those thieving bastards out there: the brand of the car wash system is called Christ and I believe it’s an american brand, so hopefully it’s available at many gas stations around the world :slightly_smiling_face:


You should dump the card, then do it again after your first and second car washes…

Purely for science of course!


Not saying I did, but can confirm that it’s been tested and is indeed working.

Just be careful to reclone before last wash, as the machine swallows the card if you only have one wash left


…sooo don’t clone to implant lol


I think I have heard of that

They have pretty much taken over the brand, but I think the origins were actually in the Middle East (not Missouri, think more sandy)

Not just gas stations, they are in churches also


in a galaxy





Do you have Christ in your heart? Did your chip migrate that far? :laughing:


I’m not sure if I am understanding correctly how the system works, but is it like this?

First, you buy a 5 wash pass, and they give you this card. The car wash payment machine indentifies the cards by UID.

On the 5th time you wash your car, the machine will not return the card back.

The cards can be redistributed and the staff do not need to do anything to reset the number of washes (it is automatically done), which means if you cloned the card, you can get a free car wash, only that each cycle you need to re clone it before washing the 5th time.

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You are almost correct.
But the machine reads/writes to the card, so just cloning the UID isn’t enough.
What the staff does to reset a used card, I have no idea. They probably have a programming unit in the station, so they can program the cards based on the customers wishes. ‘do you want the, “triple platinum super duper wash” or “some other fancy name here” wash?’

So in theory, the process is:
1: buy a 5 wash card
2: crack and clone it, and save the dump file
3: gift the original card to someone you like, as you don’t need it anymore
4: use your cloned card for four washes (the machine tells you the number of washes you have left each time you use it, so when it says you have one wash left:
5: Re-upload your dump to your card, so you have 5 washes again
6. Repeat steps 4-6 every 4th wash


In theory

Steps 1-6

@Pilgrimsmaster fixed.
Also, step 3 is most important :sunglasses:

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Until they keep seeing a bootleg card in the collector and pull up the surveillance camera recording to see the license plate and know who is doing that… lmao


If it’s a super high volume activity level place, it’s unlikely to be noticed.

If it’s minimum wage slacker lackeys running it, it’s unlikely to be cared about.

Not that I’m suggesting anyone actually do this. While it’s fun to game it out, in practice it’s kinda being a crappy human being. We already got enough of those in this world.


Well that’s the whole point of not using the 5th wash.
As long as the card is retanked every 4th wash, it’s never going to be collected

I agree… ish.
But I also think it depends on the context.

If the context is that the car wash is owned by a private company, then, it’d be a really crappy thing to do.

But if the car wash it owned by a state-owned oil company? It’d still not be morally right, but the context would definitely be different.

I think the question boils down to “would you buy the car wash in the first place, or wash it yourself instead?”

E.g: does the car wash owner just loose some cheap soap, or does he loose a sale?

In any case, I do agree it’s immoral, so don’t do it.
It was all just a hypothetical experiment :wink:


Basically, if you are scamming an honest business, you are a crappy human being.

But if we’re talking about a scamming a scammy business… then it’s your moral obligation to scam them.

Ergo you are a crappy human being if you do not scam the scammers.


Walter white also had one.

Would rate 4/20

You should also offer a human washing service and may be buy loads of dirt in trucks and put it on the roads nearby so the cars need a wash more often


Ok this is a shitpost and I actually have nothing to say