Free ZK tech for implants


I am a validator at a high performance blockchain and was hoping to gift the community tokens before we finish up with our snarkier implementations. I’ve got a flexDF2, walletmor and myriad of other implants and about to chrome up with the flexSecure and assume others are at the same boat and interested in holding perhaps an extra private key at their implant; if only for funsies.

I realize not everyone want’s to go through KYC identity verification at websites like coinbase or kraken just to see if blockchain tech or privkey’s at their implant is for them; having to spend actual money. This would be a great way to try out blockchain in general for community members interested in storing privkey’s at their implants and interacting with wallets/ exchanges and so on with zero financial risk. I’ll be using my rewards for validating transactions for fun to send these tokens out from Pistol; our validator

Generate a new address here and either drop your address (pubkey) here or via dm. Make sure to SHARE ONLY YOUR PUBLIC ADDRESS and keep the privkey at your implant only. Once dropped I’ll fire off tokens at your address. The token is XST at We are actually listed on FINEXBOX

To refine these statement’; I’m essentially trying to give the community free “zcash” before we actually implement zk tech. Chiefly because it’s free to me in that I am rewarded for validating all transactions and it’s just a hobby to me.

We also have mobile wallets at iOS and Android, and a desktop wallet.

more data related to zk:

With private transactions, Stealth will begin the use of side chains that share block validators with the main chain, called StealthCore. Users can send XST from the StealthCore main chain to the private transaction side chain, called StealthPrivate. These transactions are ratified by the complete set of Stealth validators on both chains. Coins transferred to the StealthPrivate side chain are effectively removed from StealthCore (and vice versa).

Users can convert XST to private coins (XSS StealthSend) on StealthPrivate and transfer them with cryptographic privacy, which uses zk-SNARKs. Users can convert private coins back to XST on StealthPrivate, and send XST to StealthCore for use with exchanges and other services.

Notably, StealthCore can be hosted independently of StealthPrivate or any other Stealth side chain. This side chain based system keeps all private transactions off StealthCore, greatly simplifying compliance where the hosting of private transactions could be problematic, as with centralized exchanges.

Additionally the need to host just StealthCore lowers the hosting burden significantly. Exchanges and other third parties, like custodial payment processors, have no practical need to host any information outside of that which is relevant only to the liquid XST money supply on StealthCore.

zk-SNARK transactions are small compared to other privacy schemes like Monero. This is important because smaller transactions means that the blockchain will scale more efficiently.

zk-SNARKs can be validated quickly, allowing validator nodes to process many more transactions, also important for scaling.

Stealth zk-Snarks will be similar to Zerocash, offering the most potent privacy solution possible in that it hides everything about a transaction including the sender, receiver, and the amount.|

cool ZK paper:

*If you are interested at operating this specific validator as a delegate or manager (for rewards; direct to your implant); you’d get your own dragon privkey that you could store at your implant and use to control Pistol at a given server and win rewards yourself with an automated payout we could discuss directly to your implanted wallet [a percentage of all rewards out of 100%]). The StealthNode Manager, Delegate, and Controller keys are critical for the operation of a StealthNode. They can be changed, and different people can be assigned to different keys, to divide labor. More on this here

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I’ve generated 9 (funded) keypairs for the lurkers.

9 because if you want something done in life; presumably one must sacrifice 9 goats. At least at Stanford.

DM or drop Public address for more XST or if the addresses included below are already claimed (you can check by copying and pasting the public key’s below and seeing if they’re empty into the search bar at Stealth Monitor.

Feel free to download our mobile wallet at iOS/ android; import the privkey and shift these tokens into your newly generated wallet (presumably one with stored privkey at your flexSecure or other dangerous things implant). At the mobile wallets you must first use a mnemonic to create an entirely new wallet; then within the app there’s an option to import another wallet via privkey; of which you can choose from below at one of the 9 (currently) funded addresses.

Comma Separated Values: Index,Address,Private Key (WIF)


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Sounds interesting. I’m way behind on the crypto stuff and surprisingly un-techy for a cyborg so most of what you explain in the posts went right over my head, but this could be a good way for me to get caught up. Is this like blockchain 2.0? Would it be compatible with an xsiid, xdf2, NExT, or xMAGIC? because those are what I’ve got under my skin.

compatible at any of @amal ’s implants that can store data at NDEF. including xsiid , xdf2 , NexT, and flexSecure. feel free to generate a new wallet; take that priv key and store it as an NDEF record via proxmark or nxp tagwriter app on mobile. you can use the priv keys at the above posts; import those as a new wallet at our mobile app and transfer that stealth (XST) to your secure; newly generated wallet with priv keys stored at your implant

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