[FS] Chameleon Tiny Pro $50 shipped

I have a chameleon tiny pro getting replaced by the ultra so I’m getting rid of the old for the new.

Will come in the original packaging, firmware upgraded to the latest and compiled last week.

This is the standard black and gold one. Works great, no issues, I used it to clone Amibos for about the past year and stored my gym keys so everything worked great for my use case.

Will ship anywhere in the US for 50$, if local to me in Michigan $45 for local pickup.

Only trades I’m interested in is a proxmark3 x.


I’ll trade you a proxmark3 :slight_smile:

The forums autolink swiped this.

I was interested in the version X.

Find it hard to believe you don’t have a chameleon. With the toys you have I’m sure we could work out a trade of some sort

Can you clarify what you mean here

I’m gunna make a guess he meant swapped and not swiped and it should have said he wanted a proxmark 3x?

But I’m a newbie. So take it with a grain of salt :grin:


No you hit the nail on the head

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Do you still have this? I’ll take it if so :slight_smile:

Pm sent