Funny magic mk1 quirk

I wanted to share with you something weird. I recently copied my home key fob to a magic sticker tag from china. The key fob opens both the building entrance door and the fence gate and both reader are visually identical. Nevertheless the copy must have somehow failed because the tag only opens the entrance door.

It seems so weird to me that the two identical readers are not setup the same way :flushed: Anyway I still stuck the tag to my phone as I can climb over the fence if I forget my keys inside and still open the door with it.

I call it the Schrödinger’s tag, it both works and doesn’t. I wanted to compare the dumps with the original but MCT doesn’t find the keys for it anymore which is also weird…

Keys changed… there are keys? Maybe one door just uses the UID but the other that no longer works uses keys and the magic chip memor cells are shit and the blocks with keys are fuzzed

Well, I played around with it again and managed to read my keyfob again. I copied it again and the only differences are on sector 9 block 4 and sector 11 blocks 1 and 2. I’m not too sure why the copy isn’t perfect. Anyway now I get the exact opposite behavior :sweat_smile:
Every time I copy there’s a couple random bytes that do not correspond to the original

I ment sector keys in MCT if you are referring to the last part. Sometimes it maps everything fine and sometimes it doesn’t.

Ok I tried with a brand new sticker and got everything copied fine except for this:

I wonder what this one will do :joy:

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