FUTO and identity

There is a non profit named FUTO that has released the beginnings of a decentralized internet identity system. I like where they are going with it.

Watching part 2 first may make more sense.

Part 2

https://polycentric.io/ (Twitter-like basic social media platform)




his cat is definitely hate speech tho

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Overall, it’s a solution to a problem, but it’s also quite the hack. The features that are core to their “fancy news reader” app are at direct odds with the platforms that people must still publish to. Those features will be attacked directly with countermeasures and it will be a constant cat and mouse game to keep things from constantly breaking.

The harbor concept is a bit like keybase and while it is integrated into the media app to enhance the power of identity and channel validation, it doesn’t actually provide sovereign identity… it’s just another centralized identity provider platform like authy, okta, etc.

Overall it’s a good swing at a serious problem, but chances are slim it will actually win against the top tier platforms it’d taking aim at. I think it’s value could be squarely seated though in federated services like peertube and other federated, distributed media systems… the primary issue with these systems is visibility. Because they are distributed, search is terrible and finding content providers and content is really difficult. A good cross-node, cross-platform client with good comprehensive search and suggestion algos would really help the federated ecosystem IMO.


And he got banned on youtube.

Sad because i somewhat enjoyed Louis’ channel. he gets a little preachy at times though

Someone else sent me this… It’s fake news. Hes still on there. He just posted a video 3 hours ago.