FYI- flipperzeros are available right now for the USA

edit- looks like they ran out within a day, again. But their website says they expect to get another shipment next week on Thursday/Friday, and having that knowledge in mind is how I was able to find mine. Good luck to anyone looking to get one.

original post as follows:

I’ve had my eye on them for the past couple of months, but finally was able to get on the shop when they actually have it available, so I placed my order last night. $160 so you’re not paying the multi-hundred dollar scalping price on Amazon. I only heard about it because of this forum, so just wanted to hopefully pay back the favor to anyone else who is interested.


Fuck those cunty cunts!

You are a good cunt :+1:


I’ve never fully understood scalper logic

I have _____ it’s good, but nobody can get them

I should sell it for a lot of money, that I can’t use to buy another _____ , that I currently have and won’t be able to replace

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I ended up ordering one and had it shipped to Germany where it’s waiting for me in a few weeks. This would’ve been good to know, shipping to the EU, VAT, and euro to USD conversion cost me an arm and a leg.

What is the shipping time/cost?b(to the US)

standard shipping was, I thnk $7. As of today it looks like the shipment is just a few towns over so I assume I’ll be receiving it by tomorrow (Saturday) or Monday, so that took a little over a week.

On that note, flippers are back in stock as of this moment. Good luck biohackers.


Did you ever get yours? USPS is taking incompetence to a new level on mine. Watching the tracking and it stops at every state on the way down then skips my state (Tennessee) then goes to YBOR in Tampa, FL. It has since spent the last three days leaving YBOR then arriving at YBOR every 12 hours.

It’s peak season, so all the companies are hiring temp people like crazy. I worked at USPS and they wouldn’t drug test or do backgrounds during peak season. I would load 6 trucks then unload 6 more to reload them properly. The incompetence level is unbelievable during these months.
I’m guessing the loaders keep putting your package in the wrong place or hidden behind something so the drivers can’t see it or find it til they’re almost done for the day.

I did get mine, but it was on either the Tuesday or Wednesday after I estimated, so still just over a week. I’ve had it almost a week now. The shipping updates were not accurate on either the USPS website or the one for the specific shippers they use, but I did receive an email on the day that it was delivered, that it was delivered.

Lucky you, im 12 days and counting, who knows how long mine will circulate in florida for no reason.

Ordered mine when this thread was posted and got mine yesterday… Honestly insane how slow it was

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Just ordered mine, Looks like I’m going to be waiting for awhile :disappointed:

Still better than Kickstarter or preorder times

Lol, I’ve had to wait over a year for firearm stuff… just for some person in a cubicle to do the exact same thing that takes 1 minute for a sales clerk to do…

1st world problems lol