General NFC questions

I’m considering getting one of the x-series tags and have a few questions.
If anyone can answer any of these I would be incredibly grateful.

  • Is there a comparison chart for the entire range of tags available (from dangerousthings)?
  • Before I purchase and get a tag installed I would like to get a better understanding of their capabilities so I’m looking at reader/writer devices. From what I gather a device like this -> would be able to read/write the tags from dangerousthings?
  • I use a Mac, can anyone recommend some software for using one of these devices?

I have some other questions about the security/DESFire options but I think they can wait until I learn a bit more.

Any answers or recommendations are appreciated.

let me point you in the direction to answer your first question.
Some good info and a product matrix.

to quickly answer your 2nd question, that will depend on the implant you are looking to purchase.
Sorry for the brevity of my answer, I’m currently in and out of cellphone reception…

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While there are definitely many people on here much more knowledgeable than me, the writer you linked should work with any of the 13.56Mhz tags. The x-series refers to the fact that the tag is implantable so it may or may not be what youre looking for, it also doesnt seem to have drivers for mac os. I would read more about the NExT chip and the article @Pilgrimsmaster just linked as well.