Genetic change whit crispr

Does anyone know how to change their genes with crispr to change type of hair or skin?

Hello @Mya

Do you know much about biology?

Not the truth that no, there will be someone who can help me or recommend somewhere where if it can be done

This can’t be currently done

You could crush up a bag of cripsers and rub them all over your hair and skin, they would definitely feel, look and taste like they’ve changed. If we’re honest, isn’t inserting cool ranch directly into our genome like 99% of the point of science in the first place?



Har har, no need to be patronizing.

JamesW is right, there really aren’t people offering an over-the-counter service for gene editing at this time. Maybe in 15 or 20 years we’ll have commercial splicing services that allow you to make minor modifications to your appearance. If this type of science really interests you, I recommend you read a book about genetics to get an understanding of where we’re at and where we’re going. An introduction to the topic that I enjoyed was called:

“Genetics 101: From Chromosomes and the Double Helix to Cloning and DNA Tests, Everything You Need to Know about Genes”
by Beth Skwarecki

Keep up with the technology as it progresses and you’ll be in a good spot to take advantage of any advancements.

I really wonder why I have a skin disease called vitiligo and I wanted to know if there was any treatment to cure it by changing the damaged DNA and changing the color of the skin

The only thing I meant to be a patron of, is the satisfying and always delicious fresh baked taste only Crispers can provide.

“Crispers: Hey these are kinda edible!™”

Crispr does have a tonne of promise for the future for treating genetic diseases or reducing the risk for people who are predisposed for certain conditions, it’s just not quite at the point we can DIY our genetic makeup just yet, hopefully soon for the sake of people like Mya and many others who are doomed by some nasty alleles, but not just yet.

I have a vested interest in that topic. My significant other has Vitiligo and I exhibit symptoms of psoriatic arthritis, which may have a similar mechanism of action. This study came out at the end of 2017:

No conclusions can be drawn because of the sample size, but it is interesting. Basically the participants took a drug that blocks the activity of a particular type of enzyme, and then received UV-B light therapy to instigate melanocyte regeneration. It was partially effective, but at least it’s a step in the right direction.

For now, I’d talk to your doctor about vitiligo and possibly getting UV-B light treatment. You might also want to get some tests as you get older. The problem that causes Vitiligo can also cause several other disorders.

I initially thought you wanted to change your appearance for funsies. Since your intention is to address a medical condition, I think you’ll see a solution come about through gene-editing or some other method sooner rather than later. Hopefully you can get some re-vitiligo ASAP


Thanks for the information and that’s why I want to know if they know any clinic that can cure diseases by changing genes

Well my doctor tells me that they will keep appearing more and that nothing can be done because it is not effective