Getting an X series RFID What to expect?

Hey all I am getting an X series RFID chip next week.

First off what is the heeling process like? Is there noticeable swelling? I am getting it done at a tattoo shop on a Monday and will be back to work Tuesday. Anything to be concerned about there?

I will be using the chip mainly to access a safe at home, my front door, and work.

Does the chip come with It’s Batch code and chip #?

I also travel a lot and have noticed that Many Hilton hotels are using cards and proximity readers to open doors now. I am wondering if this chip will be able to “written” on so I can use it at a hotel.

just a thought.

Any other words of wisdom will be appreciated.

Thanks again!

I had the perfect plan: Getting chipped on Tuesday (must work until 12). I don’t work on Wednesday. Sounds perfect On Saturday my boss asked me, if I can change the shifts, someone got sick.
So my planed changed complete,… I went on monday after work to the piercing studio. Worked on Tuesday from 6:00 am to 19:40 pm . I worked also on Wednesday, and on the other days,…
No problems (I worked at the delicatess department in a store - so we wear gloves)

Which chip will you get? the xNT or the xEM?

I think it depends on the hotel, which frequenzy they use. I think you can ask them maybe at the reception desk. Hopefully they don’t react like the hotel in Germany, I asked them about the rfid system… They said to me: “We can’t tell you the frequency, because we can get hacked” ( I all ready know that it was HF)

I am getting the XEM,

Did you experience much swelling when it was injected?

No, I didn’t have a swelling. For me it was like “That’s it” :grinning:

You can read your ID with the Halo Reader. I use the xEM for the Qucik Vent Safe and hopefully soon for the car.
For the Quick Vent Safe I cloned the access card to the xEM.

What cloner do you use?

I use this one:

Digiwell has also an advanced version of the cloner.