Getting my 2 magnets there is blood when you open the page

so friday i got my magnet inplants from tom in utrecht

i have a video i must say thare is blood so if you dont like that dont look at it

i cant wait til it is heald :smiley:
so i can play with the magnets
i did already have some moments whare i feeled whel thats magnetic :open_mouth:


Good on ya, mate. Thanks for the install video! Let us know how your magnetic sensing develops :grinning:

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Oh how I hate age restrictions on yt…

But hey, glad you got them in! Hope healing goes all fine and you can play with them soon :wink:

haha i thought i wasnt a bad idea since the cuting and the blood and al did you get to watch it or ?

I always replace with when it’s age restricted.


Great post, love install vids. Hope your healing goes well, definitely post an update once you start gaining sensing.

@Pilgrimsmaster think this should be merged into the install videos thread?

what kind of magnet is this ?

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Ah right, completely forgot that one… thanks!

Now it just worked - did you take off the restriction?
Anyway, nice video, very professional install :+1:

@Coma no the restriction is stil thare

im sitting with my laptop now and i already noticed that thare are some megnetic spots here

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I’ll let @simon_beer decide, we can send it all to the Install and video thread ( thanks for providing the link @darthdomo, it saves me some time :+1:) or we can leave this here and @simon_beer can re-upload in the video thread and post a link back here .

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I would love to know also

@Pilgrimsmaster I think i like to keep this here and can post a video in that thread and a link here :slight_smile:
If that’s okey with you guys


Hmmm, this looks slightly more complicated than shown in the

I’m now second guessing the option of a surgeon whose never done this vs body mod artist across the border…

so i just took out the stitches and it looks great :smiley:
i wil post some photo’s in a moment

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