Getting my first couple implants soon. Need some advice

I’m hoping to get my first two implants in the next couple months or so. Before doing so, there are a few things I want to clarify.

  1. How will this affect job opportunities? Has anyone here had trouble getting a job because of their implant? I know it depends on the field of work, I’m just curious if that’s a common issue.

  2. I’m looking at getting a NExT and either a xM1, flexM1, or flexMT. Besides the obvious, (gen1 vs gen2, MT has the additional T5577, etc) is there a big difference between the 3? Does one have significantly better read distance than the others? Also slightly off topic: is there an eta for the flexMT with blinkies?

  3. Can anyone give me a rough estimate on how much installation will cost? I live near the Dallas area, so I’ll likely be using Pineapple from Shaman Modifications. Does anyone have experience with his work and the quality, average prices, etc?

Thanks in advance!

  1. Most people are unlikely to notice as far as I know.

  2. Why those combinations? Some of them have the same combinations of chips, do you need multiples? What are your use cases? A FlexMT on each hand would give you 2 RFID and 2 NFC chips, and I believe have better read range (according to the product pages). (Next and FlexMT are the same chips in different formats)

  3. I don’t know.

I mean, you don’t really have to tell them. The scars are super minor, especially for glassies (x series). If you get a vibe that your employer might be a conspiracy/mark of the beast nutjob, might be better to keep quiet. Otherwise, I’ve only really had good reactions to mine. For a lot of employers, especially if you’re in a tech field, I’d say it actually increases your chances. Keeps you memorable. Honestly wouldn’t worry about it.

So, for this, ignoring the actual capabilities of the chips (you said besides the obvious) I’d sort them into two categories. x series implants, and flex implants. I’m sure you know that x series are glass capsules installed with a pre-loaded syringe, and flexes need to be installed with a scalpel or a large piercing needle. As a rule, flex implants get much better range than x series, regardless of type.

For x series: from anecdotal evidence talking to those here, I’ve heard the xM1 has worse range than the NExT, by a small margin (for the HF/13.56MHz side obv, since xM1 has no LF like the NExT).

For flexes, part of it comes down to the antenna type. the flexM1 currently uses the “wedge” style antenna, which has fairly excellent range. The new type of antenna, which is used on the flexDF2 and the flexMT AFAIK, supposedly has somewhat lessened range, according to anecdotal testing by @Eyeux. Again, not a huge concern (probably wouldn’t notice it in most applications), but it might be a slight reason to go for the flexM1 at the moment, if it works for your use-case.

My cost was $50 per implant, but he made me a cheaper deal for 3 (won’t share exacts in case that’s changed, he doesn’t advertise prices). AFAIK $50 each is on the cheaper end of the spectrum, I’ve heard some in the US charging ~$100 per implant, for x series that is. For flexes, I’m not sure, but expect it to be higher. It’s a much more skilled affair, and requires more supplies and time on their end. Regarding pineapple, I’ve always heard very good things. Here’s some posts talking about him:

I’d recommend DMing Ottomagne if you want more detailed info on their Pineapple experience, but again, heard nothing but good things.

For his specific prices, I’d honestly just reach out, seems like a nice guy.


Flex install prices vary a lot by state due to the restrictions of what bodymod artist are allowed to do. For instance in my state it is illegal for piecers to use scalpels outside of scarification, so going to a plastic surgeon is my only option. Comparing that to what a piecer in a different state what charge you’ll see drastic differences.

Just recently had the flexEM installed by Pineapple, I can’t say enough good things about his work, It was very quick and pain free process.

Cost is definitely something to consider especially on the flex style implants as they will require an incision and stitches.

The Breakdown on cost for me.

8 hours after install

5 Days after install

10 Days after install


Regarding the first point about work.

I’m just going to throw this here, a comment I made previously. Most of the time people think others notice the same things about themselves that they do. In reality, people have their own things to worry about and almost never notice the minor details about those around them.


Fun fact: I actually got my job, in part, because of my implants. I brought them up during the interview when they asked me about things I was working on currently and any side interests, and one of the bosses there was also working on some RFID implant tech (though, I think it was for his dog). He and I ended up getting into a good conversation about it, and a few weeks later I got the job.

To be honest, I feel this can go one of two ways. I myself was not willing to compromise and work for a company that didn’t want me to be me - I showed up with multiple facial piercings in, visible tattoos, and talking about my implants specifically because I wanted to make an impression of “this is who I am, and this is who you’re getting”, and I was willing to walk away from any company that made a stink about it. Your mileage may vary on that approach, and if you don’t have the same mindset, then it might put you at a disadvantage in the process. Just a thought.

This is not true - a NExT has an NTAG 216 and a T5577 while the flexMT is a Mifare Classic chip with the T5577.

Unless something has changed and I didn’t noticed, the flexMT uses the disc form factor, so it’s range is pretty solid/more reliable than the flexM1.

I’m happy to discuss anything and everything about my experiences with Pineapple - literally some of the best body mod experiences I’ve ever had. I will warn you that his prices are on the higher side (I don’t think I’ve seen anyone on the forums quote a price quite as high as I paid with him, to be completely honest), but it’s money well spent for work that is impeccable (and when you’re getting big flexes shoved into your skin, that’s definitely what you want).


I do :rofl: @fraggersparks with a cosmetic surgeon in our city

IIRC >$1000 AUD for a flex payment install, but I could be wrong

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That’s right! I had totally forgotten about that one.

So you at least won’t be paying that much, I can guarantee you that :joy:

I thought this was the case but didn’t want to correct him and be confidently incorrect :smile:


Don’t worry, I don’t mind being overconfidently wrong :rofl:


You are right, I was thinking of the FlexMN which is the NTAG216 and T5577.

And I am more than happy to be corrected about the difference between a FlexMN and a FlexMT.

Kind of. FlexMN is made with a MagicNTAG grey market chip which can emulate different types of chips (including the NTAG216). Currently, mine is configured to be an NTAG I2C 2K, which would be the equivalent of the xSIID implant, but there’s a whole host of types that can be emulated with the flexMN.

The FlexNExT was the equivalent disc form of the NExT chip, but it’s been discontinued since the antenna presented longevity problems, so the flexMN is the closest equivalent that you can get to in this specific form factor, but I feel like it’s worth mentioning that it has a lot more capability than just being a big honking NExT :slight_smile:

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I should just be quiet… :laughing:

Yup, so a FlexMT is a lot more capability than a NeXT. I still maintain that knowing use cases is really necessary if we are going to make recommendations about which implants they should look at.

I reckon two handfuls of xLEDs would provide the most blinkies… But probably the least actual usefulness.

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Haha, no worries! I’ve just been one of the early adopters for all this stuff so I’m pretty familiar with it all, and it’s always better to get out there and spread as much knowledge about the differences as possible :sweat_smile:

Completely agree 100%. As someone with a flexMN, I would absolutely never recommend to someone if they were planning on mainly interacting with it through a phone, as an example.

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:man_facepalming: Whoops, I mixed up the flexMT and the flexMN. Tbf, it’s only one letter :laughing: :cry:

The flexMN originally had a version with the new antenna, along with the disk form factor.

  1. 30€ put 2 implants in Spain

I’ll try to find the card I saved from DEFCON listing install prices. Won’t give personal info just cause I don’t know if they’d want that out there. I’ll check with them before posting to be sure. Although a good handful of you will know just from this! IIRC x series were ~$50.