Getting Started Guide for Proxmark3 Easy on Windows[SOLVED]

I do everything according to the instructions. The compilation process is identical. Proxmark3 works. Reads fobs and writes. I’m just wondering about the message I get - - -
Error saving preferences to “C:\working\ProxSpace\pm3/.proxmark3/preferences.json”

Any ideas?

If everything else is working except being able to save following that path, I would suggest that is where the issue is.

Can you check your folder path?
Is it the EXACT same as Amals ( as you quoted above )


Here’s mine

and my result booting PM3

I followed Amals guide exactly, including adding a working folder, just so I could easily fault find, I now use it for a bunch of things

The most obvious question is, what are your Windows file permissions for that folder structure? Is there some reason not the proxspace environment might not have access?

From within the proxspace system can you manually navigate to that folder? Make a subfolder?

Administrator permissions - write and read. What I was able to create is a history file.
Manually created preferences.json file after changing the settings: prefs set color --off is changed to preferences.json.bak and error saving preferences to file.
Can someone share the preferences.json file. I would like to make changes manually.

Session log is saved, history as well. So there is write permission. The problem is somewhere else.

You can close the topic. I did the update and everything works.

  "Created": "proxmark3",
  "FileType": "settings",
  "show.emoji": "alttext",
  "show.hints": true,
  "output.dense": false,
  "os.supports.colors": true,
  "file.default.savepath": "C:\\working\\ProxSpace\\pm3",
  "file.default.dumppath": "C:\\working\\ProxSpace\\pm3",
  "file.default.tracepath": "C:\\working\\ProxSpace\\pm3",
  "window.plot.xpos": 10,
  "window.plot.ypos": 30,
  "window.plot.hsize": 400,
  "window.plot.wsize": 800,
  "window.overlay.xpos": 10,
  "window.overlay.ypos": 490,
  "window.overlay.hsize": 200,
  "window.overlay.wsize": 800,
  "window.overlay.sliders": true,
  "client.debug.level": "off",
  "": "value",
  "client.exe.delay": 0