Getting support

I know… I know… pushing people to a forum to get support without any direct way to contact the people behind the company feels like a cop-out and a generally terrible approach to customer care. When I need to ask a very specific question, and I have no option but to make an account, search a disorganized forum, and fling my request into the void by posting it in some “general” category and hope someone with half a brain cell will answer me before I die of old age… well that gets tiresome very quickly… so I get it…


  1. The people here are the greatest asset we have. They are kind, knowledgeable, helpful, and pretty much hover the forums like helicopter parents at a playground. We keep the tone fun and we focus on respectful discourse.

  2. They know more than me… sometimes… particularly about things like technologies which are adjacent to or integrated with implant technology. There are a lot of cool projects here, a community projects category, a collection of 3D printing threads, VR gaming threads… basically lots of cool things the cool people here know about… including RFID and NFC technologies.

  3. They are faster than me at getting you the right answer or at least putting you on the right track. I make a huge point to always be visiting the forum and keeping up with things here, but by sheer numbers there is always a much better chance of getting an answer to your question from someone else who’s already online here well before I get a chance to see your post.

  4. The vast majority of support requests we received before pushing to the forum involved me simply copying a forum link and sending that back and closing the ticket… so rather than be a human search bot for the sometimes dozens of questions we get asked every day, I needed to put people in front of the great resources already available here on the forum.

  5. If your question is technical, chances are it may have been answered already… and a search is appropriate. But if not, everyone benefits from the interaction here as your question is answered or your technical problem is resolved. That’s not possible when the support interaction is locked away in a private email chain.

Where to go from here

If you have a general question about the technology or are just getting started, make concerted effort to read the Info category and check out the technology primer first before asking questions already answered by these public resources.

Specific questions or technology based questions should be posted to the Support category when creating your first post;