GGtag eink Badge

Anyone seen this thing? eink badge that can be programmed via sound and has NFC capabilities. Looks really neat


I ordered one this morning. Send gimmicky but fun

Cool gadget :sunglasses:

I’m surprised they’re a Bulgarian company building this but the Crowdsupply website is US based so it’s free shipping to the US but 12$ worldwide.

Being in the EU I’m way closer to them than the US. I’ll contact them about this.


Don’t be. Here in Bulgaria, we have a lot of good hardware and software engineers :slight_smile:
Maybe you’re not aware, but a lot of companies outsource here.

The project is neat, but using CR battery doesn’t strike me as the best power source option, especially if the life of the battery is 2-3 days. You’ll end up with a lot of used batteries and I do not know how good is this for the environment…

near web programmer too

Is it still a Kickstarter or are they shipping right now?

I’m sorry if it came up like this, I was not surprised at all about the fact they were Bulgarian. But by the fact that as a European I would pay the shipping costs while it would be free in the US.

I know for sure Bulgaria is a great country and I already worked with some very talented Bulgarian IT people.

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No worries :slight_smile: Yeah shipping stuff back and forth usually sucks. Dunno from where they’re shipping. It would be very stupid to pay 12 bucks to ship something from us to eu, when we live in the same city…
Btw here the big stores started using eink labels for the goods. I think I know from where the idea for this product actually came

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Its in kickstarter right now. Expected shipping time is April of 2024.

It’s eink and a set RFID. It’s only ever being drained when it updates. And it’s only ever being updated when you write new content to it. So theoretically it will last as long as a cmos clock battery in your PC.


Agreed, but check what the manufacturer gave as specs. Maybe they ment 2-3 days constant updates, who knows

Why are none of these just NFC only? Seems dumb to support all these other modes when you could make something with no battery at all and let it be updated using NFC from your phone


Let’s do it

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They do exist. Bestbuy and I think CVS uses them for price tags.

I’m not going to say that I know, but when I read it, It appears to be active listening when in sound update mode. So they recommend once finished writing by sound to switch to usb mode


To conserve battery life, it is advisable to switch back to USB mode after programming.


This makes complete sense

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