God I need help with my proxmark3 easy

I love you

[17012.399175] usb 1-4: Product: proxmark3
[17012.399177] usb 1-4: Manufacturer: proxmark.org
[17012.399179] usb 1-4: SerialNumber: iceman
[17012.984340] cdc_acm 1-4:1.0: ttyACM0: USB ACM device
[17012.986305] usbcore: registered new interface driver cdc_acm
[17012.986309] cdc_acm: USB Abstract Control Model driver for USB modems and ISDN adapters

It was the cable





Glad you got it working!

Might I ask which instructions you followed for unbricking? If they were mine, any feedback?

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Hi everyone, it’s been awhile since I’ve had the time to play with my Proxmark3, but I was working on it earlier. I have the Proxmark3 from DT and I had followed the full instructions for running the Iceman software and everything. The problem I am having is on HF reads I am getting nothing, as if there is no tag visible to the Proxmark, and LF reads give me communication errors. This is running on a Windows 10 computer and the Com port between the computer and Proxmark is COM6. I have included a screenshot of both reads being tried with known good tags sitting directly on the respective antennas of the Proxmark. I suspect some kind of communication error is occurring between the Proxmark and the computer. The LF side consistently gives me that Graphbuffer error on the first try and then the communication error on the second try. I am just curious if anyone else has ran into anything like this and if anyone has any suggestions on what to do. Possiblity it’s just something right before my eyes that I am missing, but any help is greatly appreciated :+1: thanks :wink:

This link may help…

What type of cards are you trying to scan?

So far both an HID formatted card and an EM4100 formatted T5577 card on the LF side, and a card that contains a Mifare chip on the HF side. The EM4100 T5577 card registers on my access control system and the Mifare card is easily read with NFC Tools on my phone and on the computer with an ACR reader. :wink:

Just out of curiosity. You did not remove the center pcb ? I have found this causes the exact problem you are having when I did it.

Also have you tried on another computer? My windows 10 desktop can do everything but flash a proxmark when it comes to the client. But my laptop is easy peasy no problems.

Can you please take and share a screenshot of when you first connect and run the Proxmark3?

I just want to see if you have a mismatch between your client version and your device version.

or you could try this

Future Updates

( Thanks to @TheCyborgFirefighter and @Zwack ORIGINAL POST )

  • cd proxmark3
  • git pull
  • make clean && make all
  • ./pm3-flash-bootrom
  • ./pm3-flash-fullimage
  • pm3
  • hw tune

Here is a screenshot of when I first load pm3…

There is a newer version available. If you want, try to update to v4.14831

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Thanks everyone for all the help so far, what I did now is try the latest updates, plus another cable, and another computer. I still get the same thing, even says both antennas are unusable when I run hw tune. I got me really curious about that middle board. I haven’t made any physical changes to the Proxmark since I got it. However, here is a picture of the Proxmark as is. I’m not sure if it will help, but this is how it is physically…

I notice that you have a different layout on your lower board than I do. I doubt that that makes a difference.

You did remember to change the Makefile.platform to generic didn’t you?

@Kdude0 Where did you get your PM3 from?
is it a 512 or 256kb version?

it shows in the SS it’s 512Kb

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Haha, cheers, and it was only a couple of posts up…:frowning_face:

It was Just a random thought…

That says Dangerous Things to me. In the photo it looks like the side usb port is nearer the top and the button is nearer the HF antenna while on mine the side usb port is between the button and the middle screw. I don’t think that that is relevant but I did find it interesting.

And mine

I wonder when they did the design change a d why…unless Amal has a new supplier.


regardless, this is not getting @Kdude0 problem sorted

I wonder if there is a fault on the PCB, a short or loose connection.
You tried
different cables
different computer

Sorry if I missed it, but have you had any success with anything on it, ever?

Maybe it’s DOA!?

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I appreciate all the help and suggestions so far. :slight_smile: I actually never got this Proxmark working on any computer to date yet. I had tried to get it working this past fall when I got it, then I went on vacation, and it got put on the back burner as far as projects ever since until now. This could be a slight change in the port position/button and stuff since @amal was waiting on a new shipment at the time when I did order it. A couple of other things I forgot, I did do that swap in the makefile.platform. Also, tried the DT diagnostic card with it now too, and am not getting any LF signal from on an LF Search. It does give me HF signal, however it hasn’t been able to read a HF tag yet tho. Here is a screenshot of the HF tag I was trying to read with it, this is NFC Tools on my phone reading this…

Hmm at this point I think it might be worth swapping you.out. reply to your original order confirmation email and request a replacement.