Good candidate for conversion? Methinks not - or perhaps yes :)

It’s customs issues for sure… domestic mail still makes it across the entire country in 2-3 days max

In this case, it could be. There is clearly something thick and hard inside the envelope. But even plain-jane letters to/from family members in CA take forever, when the sender/recipient is abroad. And if you care to purchase tracking, it always bogs down on US soil.

Fwiw, my package to DT had gotten delayed due to the snow storm stuff going on according to ups

Hah it arrived… I have it now… I’ll check it out tomorrow

Good news! Any evidence it was opened by customs?

Doesn’t appear to have been but lowest class mail just moves slowly… and prob even more so when it doesn’t conform to parcel or letter mail standards in the USA

Yeah there’s that too. They have really funky envelope formats in Finland. I tried finding a regular rectangular small envelope but I just couldn’t.

Oh and by the way, don’t: nobody should work on a Sunday.


Heads up you guys: there’s a successful conversion coming my way. Thanks Amal!


That’s awesome!

It’ll be awesomer when I see it ring on a bus terminal with a skin’s worth of thickness between the reader and the implant. That’s my main worry, because the readers are pretty weak. There’s a good chance it won’t work at all I reckon. But hey, at least my little project is moving swiftly forward so far.

Lookie here, what have we got here:


Helpfully packaged in a credit-card sized baggie so it’s easy to conceil in the original card’s sleeve, for testing before implanting :slight_smile:

The read range is worryingly short with my cellphone compared to the genuine article. I’ll see how (if) it reads on the bus tomorrow morning, but I’m not holding my breath…


Thanks to the magic of photocopy, I made the covert implant test card. Hard to tell it and the real thing apart unless you’re looking closely:


ahah that is awesome!

See that’s why a large baggie wouldn’t have worked. This one is perfect!

Seems totally unnecessary I assume nobody cares as long as it goes beep?

but I like the dedication

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As long as it beeps, yes. If it doesn’t beep however, after trying a couple times on the passenger-facing reader and holding up everybody, the driver punches something on his own reader and asks you to put your card on it. Like right in front of his nose. And if THAT doesn’t work… well, I plan on flashing my working backup card and mumble something :slight_smile:

Also, if I was a consciencious bus driver and I saw someone use a seemingly working but totally unusual-looking chip, I would wonder if the passenger hasn’t just used a hacked chip to ride the bus for free. I don’t want to find myself in a situation where I’d have to explain that it’s a real card that’s been converted by a guy in the US for the purpose of implanting soon to a bus driver on the roadside - and in Finnish, which I’m not terribly hot in.

1st bus: no read on the driver’s reader. That don’t look good.

2nd bus, driver’s reader (not the same kind), no read.

Is there a depot you can have easier access to the same readers?
Can you try your HF xFD on a reader to locate the antenna?

I only got as far as sending my chip to Amal and didn’t get it converted otherwise I may have been able to help you some more.

Can you take some photos of the various readers?

I have open and easy access to our readers and if they are using the same tech ( we have a few similarities ) I can do some investigating for you… well in about a week