"Google Pay" triggered with NFC implant


Hello, newbie here.
With those new contactless payment method with phones (as Google pay) will it be possible to use the NFC implant to pay, helped by the app? There is a possibility to pay scanning a QR code, so contact phone/payment machine is not mandatory.
I imagined that touching the phone in my pocket to prepare the payment and touching the payment machine (or the other way around) to pay can be managed.Sure, it is not better than just using my phone, just cooler.
(I know close to nothing about what i’m talking about, was just wondering)


Basically, no. The technology does exist, but it’s not widely deployed. People have done it with things like Oyster cards and transit passes, and one company has demonstrated a POS processor, but there is no standard. Search my user name, I think I’ve posted in most of the threads.