Google security key

Has anyone tried to use an xNT or other NFC as a two-factor authentication key for google like the Titan

I want to program my xNT but I’m not sure what I’ll have to reprogram it as without purchasing a Titan and trying to copy it.

I think stuff like this only works with the future Apex line?
Real 2FA needs some calculations, generating a one time token. These simple chips can’t do that.

Non of it works, most relys on 2FA which is why you need omitting like the flexone with the 2fa applet.

If i remember correctly

I think this feature is also coming to the Spark in the near future (please correct me if that’s wrong)

You can already use the spark as a secondary authentication mechanism through the VivoKey open ID connect provider. But you are never going to get security token functionality out of the spark. The spark has no otp capabilities, and to DIY something even close you’d need the keys.

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I thought OTP was coming to the Spark via the Vivokey platform, though not available with the chip itself like the Flex. My mistake!

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That’s entirely possible. I’m just clarifying that the chip itself will never generate the OTP code directly. An app secured by the VK OIC is entirely possible! :slight_smile: sorry if I wasn’t clear.

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Yes the Vault service has an OTP component alongside the password management features, so technically yes this will be supported by the platform, accessible via the Spark and Spark 2.


I really want this. So bad. I have a terrible memory.

soon… so soon


Can the flexDF2 DESFire EV2 8kB NFC be used as a Google security key?

I am quite sure that google uses u2f and otp and I do not see how exactly does that connect to DESFire.