Got drunk and dont know what i did to my NExT

So i have been using my implant for a little over 4 months(?) and its been working fine, i got drunk a couple nights ago and decided that it was a good idea to go ahead and mess with the ndef using my phone. I was showing a friend how i can put in some text, even did it in hex and used a reader to read it and it was working, did it again but this time it would read but say it was just data and not text. I think i may have removed a line in the ndef that was important because now nfc tools wont even write to the tag and says the NXP public key is gone, i can dump the ndef if anyone needs to see it(i dont think theres anything sensitive in there? correct me if im wrong)

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If you are not bothered with what is on there.

You could try an erase


When I try to do that, I get an error

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I have never used the factory default one, so I won’t suggest that at the moment.
Do you have or have access to a Proxmark?


No my proxmark got delayed A LOT since the whole coronavirus thing BUT i did use taginfo to read the chip and it does have a history thing, i did find the old NDEF of it working. I guess i could try writing that to it?

Now going to make back ups in case i ever fuck it up again