Got My Inplant Done

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Update just tried somewhere else with a similar device with no luck

Which implant did you get?
What reader are you trying to use?
The implant and the reader need to be compatible.

Also the orientation and position of the tag relative to the reader’s antenna s critical to getting a good coupling. Swelling of the area of a new tag can keep it from being read.

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The brand or shape of the reader doesn’t really mean anything. You should get the DT Diagnostic card ( to see if your xEM might be compatible. If it’s HID and it is a low frequency reader, you will most likely need to put the xEM in HID mode.

If you are going to get the card, you should get the 125khz xLED as well so you can visualize the best way to couple your implant to a 125khz reader.

It is possible that the readers you tried are high frequency readers and not compatible with your implant.

Read this

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It sounds like you’re describing the HID readers I see in a lot of places. They have 125khz mode and 13.56mhz mode capability, but most places use 13.56 because 125 are so easy to clone.

Most building access systems seem to use the HID 125 kHz readers. The xEM chip can do EM or HID but not both at the same time. I found this out after much reading as to why, having successfully cloned my work access card, I couldn’t get my home RFID reader to recognise my tag.
I used the reader/writer from eBay - variously described as “10 frequency…” which is white and has its own led screen and is about $74 AUD - worked perfectly.
I suspect it needs to be put into HID mode to be recognized at all by a commercial building access system.

I should add, that I find no issues with reading with the xEM when using it to access my building and office and photocopiers - it registers about a cm away (I find if I press my thumb to my forefinger to make that hump you make when marking where to put the chip, you can’t really miss).
My xNT is another story…

98% of all access control readers are on 125khz format. Probably 75-80% of those are HID format. Those can be readily cloned. I used to use Motorola Indala format but have now switched to HID. It’s rare to find the EM or MiFare readers out there other than hotels or high end installations. I am going to get a reader for 13.56Mhz formats for my system. If you expect your implant to work with most access control systems, you will be disappointed. Even if it did, some systems limit the number of “facility codes” that can be added and unless your chip could be cloned, the possibilities of getting your ID number added to someone’s system could be slight.

So I got my knockoff proxmark3 but I can’t seem to read the implant and also I’m not sure how to get the implant in his mode can anyone help if someone can skype and teamviewr to help me out

Just another note I did mess around with the client and was able to read my work I’d under the hid tab

Just a update got it in to hid by cloning the hid number to the implant however it seems the reader recognize my number but there is a part missing for authication with data that may be missing

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you can close this thread resolved i will be making a update video on this