Got my NExT and its inplanted :) part one of 3 ultron upgrade kit

I got my Ultron MAX Kit at my front deck Friday 6/7/19 i called my personal Piercer to inform him of the good news and he told me he be over in 40 mins he jest had to get his new born to nap and he be over. ones he got to my home we prepped my bed and left hand and pick the spot and he did the install my dad knowing im a fainter had a cup of water for me i got up went to the couch and passed out for abut 35 seconds this is vary normal for me i pass out jest getting a flue shot one i came back to i payed him and he decided to say for a bit and make sure i whys ok i thank him and we chated abut old time for a bit and he went home

the next day i whys going to have off but we had someone quit that morning and i had to go to work and i think whys kind of better for me help keep my mind off it and everyone at work understood it and lut me jest kind of drift around getting what i can do one arm

so now we are at today and i don’t really feal anything at the spot unless i bump it off something and today i say arownd 2 or 3 pm the swelling went down anuf that i can feal where it is but is still swollen some

sorry for any bad spelling and buy the way i work in a tire shop doing aliments and tire swaps all day 7 to 7 and i hope this is useful to someone down the line


also if anyone can think of a good spot for the spark lut me know i wont to inpant it soon

i dont wont to have any in my right hand at this time i cant have it unsuble for 2 to 3 days like that i have to be able to crank on wrench most of the time for aliments any pain in my right hand with make that not do able.
it whus hard not to not have my left had as a helper for a day

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now its 6/12/2019 jest oppen my kbr1 and try to set it up and it wont read my chip :frowning: and it has moved a lot but frome whut i see on the forms whare it is now is ok and its not cozing any pain so i think its ok will update soon


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How’s it going? Get everything sorted? :slight_smile: