Got my payment implant but what blinky?

ok i’ve now received my payment thing which will be made into an implant but having seen all the led posts i quite fancy having an implant which lights up as i make a payment. i’m new to this though and don’t know whats available or whats likely to be best.

i’ve obviously looked on DT and can see many options and i’m assuming the xSIID implants are pretty much interchangeable and do the exact same thing but is one colour move visible than the others?

what else do i need to know about these that might not be obvious to me right now?

any insight you can give would be great as this is the first implant i’ve had and i don’t want to get a month down the line and think sh!t i wish i’d gotten xxxx instead…

I commend you on the amount of research and interaction you’ve engaged in via the forum. Sadly the blinky LEDs are not an option for the standard conversions. We don’t provide these LEDs anymore because they are based on cheap Chinese made LED nail stickers, and they have as much quality as what you’d expect. Lots of failures. They are also wider than the standard flex conversion so they don’t quite fit onto the antenna.

I was thinking of a separate implant placed next to the payment one. Didn’t occur to me that you’d put both in the same implant tbh.

I was looking as the glass enclosed led implants on the website.

Like these

The xSIID would probably cause issues since it has a chip and operates on 13.56mhz just like the payment implant. I think the xLED would be better since it has no chip, just the LED.


See that’s exactly the sort of thing I need to know :+1:t2:

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I take it I need to get the 125khz version? Or I’d the 13Mhz one ok as it doesn’t have a chip?

The 2 implants should be 5mm away from each other as well.

The 13.56 one is what you need since the reader is looking for devices on 13.56. The 125khz would not light up.


Awesome thanks very much for keeping me right. It’s appreciated :+1:t2:

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You can make the chip silent.


This is true… but it’s permanent and I think they asked for a temporary option… probably so it could be reactivates after the payment implant expires and is removed. Would be nice to be able to use the xSIID again after that… But yes it is possible.

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I wouldn’t want to pay for the xSIID and then make the chip silent when I can just get an xLED. I just want a little light effect when I pay.

I am interested in a getting another implant but I need to research the possibilities. I’m interested in data storage next and how much storage Is possible with an implant.