You can have colored xLEDs NOW

So this is all based on a message by @Satur9 so props to him and his apex mega research.

The chip of xSIIDs have a command to disable the NFC side, a silent mode.
It’s a permanent setting though, so it really turns into an xLED, no way back.
The command is A2E88100F848

My plan is to eject the xSIID at my installer, cover it with plastic, write the command and then put it 5mm from my NExT, just like a blue xLED.

This is basically just a note for me, but I bet some people are interested.
Btw I haven’t tested this, but yeah should work.

This is permanent, you can “brick” your xSIIDs!


Just be very careful. This is permanent. The only way to flip the config bytes back is via the I2C interface, which is not accessible in an implant.

Depending on the tag settings you may also have to authenticate with the password first. The default password is FFFFFFFF (not sure if it’s different for the xSIIDs) so the command in NFC Tools raw command section would be:


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Interesting, a bit worrying on one level
But sounds promising for the mega on another

I believe it’s actually DNGR for xSIIDs - I’ll attempt to try it on a NITC this evening, since I can reverse it over I2C


I would’ve figured it more to be…


I can see why someone would want this, but the idea of this being done in a hostile manner spooks me. Guess I should finally get around to changing the password on mine…

That’s why I went and figured it out. Here’s a pic of an NFC silent test card with an Apex chip in parallel. Even at 9.6MHz resonance it still reads really good :joy:


Man, you blinky bitches will go to any length to get more blinky under your skin :rofl:
Kill an implant to make another