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Well, both need to be considered actually, coil self-capacitance plays a role in determining the self-resonance frequency too


Yes it does… And now my brain is in distributed element mode, help!

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Yes, that was my bad
Indeed it SHOULD have been


Don’t forget about the voodoo black magic witchcraft

I keep building antennas and I almost forget to add that ingredient every time


Been there, done that…

You know Amal could literally spend years around the Apex right?
Making the implant is step 1.
Even if Apex implants were to be finished tomorrow and DT has thousands in stock, there is still a lot of marketing to do, a lot of software to design & write, a lot of lobbying… the list goes on.

I sure also want Amal to do some crazy biohacking projects for a smaller crowd, but I don’t think he has much time for it.

Dont forget that this is an option:

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I know I know,
I don’t hate the apex…
I just want new and exciting stuff

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I feel you, I can not wait for the blinkymcblinkerton

This would be a cool one aswell, but I don’t think DT can do anything but wait for new less power hungry versions of magic NTAGs.

I agree here. We’ve seen with walletmor that this is too small (IMO).
I really enjoy the rectangular vimpay, it’s the perfect size.

We should send some dark voodo energy to Satur9 to help them perform the sorcery faster

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I also have zero complaints with my wire Flexwedge payment conversion. :flexwedge:
I haven’t seen the performance side by side with the “new” pcb flex :flex: but anecdotally, it seems the wedge flex performs better, however the pcb flex is a smaller implant.

It would be interesting to see that test with the same chips types on the different antennas to compare performance…

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There is plenty of time to get a craft together for the next time the ISS needs a boost. Still unfortunate given what the ISS represents.

I’m still super bummed they are planning to rapidly disassemble the ISS in a few years…

I know logistics and age and stuff….

I just really wish they could put it in a graveyard orbit… but I guess that’s an asston of fuel

Just such a piece of human history

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I’m hoping they put it into a graveyard orbit as well. It would certainly be the simplest solution IMO instead of trying to figure out how to deorbit it without large pieces hitting an inhabited area.

I would love to know what nasa/roscosmos official/unofficial plans are for cooperation breakdown or hostilities regard the ISS

It’s a multi billion dollar thing, nobody would “hope for the best” and not have SOME kind of plan in place

Even if it’s just, evacuate and scuttle

I know the Russians have a gun in the Soyuz, for landing survival purposes… but that’s supposedly not accessible from the interior, and I feel like an impromptu space walk to go get something from the trunk might raise a few eyebrows

I don’t want hostilities, but at that level… they make plans on plans on plans….

It’s gotta have come up, and probably deserves more than a “hope they stay on their side”

I’m pretty sure the scientists on the ISS are more focused on doing the science and maintenance that they are there for rather than taking sides in a war the people didn’t want. At least that is what I am hoping for. And yeah from a Scott Manley video a few months ago they’ve had plans for how to deorbit the ISS for several years.

Even when it’s no longer serviceable for human occupation, there’s still a whole lot of gear there, that would be god awfully expensive to bring up out of the gravity well. I don’t know if the economics could be made to work, but wouldn’t it be cool to strip it out of most everything (reducing mass) and then strap a couple of really powerful receiver / transmitters on it, then push it out to a parking orbit? Those solar panels are huge, and without needing to power everything that’s currently there, you could use it as a seriously powerful wifi range extender.

Lunar orbit, perhaps?
We’re going back sooner rather than later.

I read up up lunar, if I remember right, biggest problem is in order to get to the moon, you have to do it “fast” enough… what with planetary bodies in motion and all

And the ISS likely couldn’t handle a fraction to the acceleration forces needed

You should be able to “go slow” at it, even a tiny thrust over a significantly long time will get you up to ridiculous speed. You just gotta know where the moon’s gonna be when you get to the same spot. After that you just fall into the gravity well, and with a little luck and a whole lotta math, “miss”. After that it’s just falling in a circle.

The real challenge is mass. The more mass you have, the much much much more fuel you gotta have. Even on an extreme diet, the ISS is a bit of a porker for a long range journey.

Still, seems such a shame to just junk all that power generation capability.

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Told my artist, said he didn’t care if I didn’t care. Tattooed right over a chip.