The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

Hi all,
We are all such a diverse bunch of people from all over the world, with a HUGE amount of knowledge outside of the Bio-Hacking space, opinions, thought & feelings :hugs: I was wondering if there was a way we could tap into that and have a dedicated thread where we can all:-
Ask a biohacking unrelated question
Have a rant
Discuss the topic of the day ( Star Wars vs. Star Trek )

:vulcan_salute: :wink:

Just like a So you think you've been implanted against your will? But for…Us!

A junk thread we can freely hijack, derail and randomize

I’m definitely not saying we don’t throw in a “random” quip into a thread, Personally I quite like that and keeps it light and fun, but when you have an off-topic you want to "Throw out there…"

I don’t know if this is a good idea, but thought we could give it a go


Here is a random, to get us started…

because it’s all about me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So I recently and reluctantly “upgraded” my laptop from Windows 7 to Windows 10, which in fairness is pretty good ( Vista, Windows 8, anybody? ) The problem I have is, the only program I use A LOT, for renaming TV Shows and Movies is/ was “the renamer” which is freeware but so good and easy to use, I donated a few times to the developer.
I held out “upgrading” to 10, because I knew it wasn’t supported on 10 ( At least, I, cant get it to work )
I looked up and tried a couple of alternatives:-
TV Renamer
TV Rename

None of them are as simple or effective as The Renamer
I looked to contact the developer, Alfred, but,The forum is closed, last firmware update was 2014, and his last Twitter tweet :baby_chick: :face_vomiting: post was also 2014

I considered running a dedicated windows 7 virtual machine, but I’m sure there must be something easier than that.
Does anybody have any recommendations

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What I’ve been using for the last several years, checked the creation date of the folder and it said 2014, is Bulk Rename Utility

Its excellent if you have all the files, TV in your case and old anime in mine, in their own folder and you can just highlight everything and spend about ~20 seconds setting the parameters and just click GO


I find metadata scrapers ones that hit TVDB specifically are so finicky that I just manually rename everything anyways.

Oddly with movies I feel like they could be named anything and it would still figure it out.

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I realize my time here is better measured in hours than days, but I bring a couple years of intense forum experience. Be it as user, moderator or owner.
And I very much think you need a CATEGORY for Offtopic, instead of a single thread. Otherwise there will only be problems :wink:

As for your problem (and to participate in the derailment), FileBot is an absolutely great tool!
If you can handle a Proxmark, I have full confidence in you handling Filebot :smiley:


I don’t even bother with metadata these days. If I’ve downloaded it and put it in its own folder and picked a nice “cover art” I know what it is, being everything is connected these days I can always search it online for more info.

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I am a filthy data hoarder with a media/file server so the metadata is a nice thing to have.

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I did see that one in my search, but I took one look at the screenshot, and moved on


Drag and drop

I guess I shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, thanks @Aemun I’ll give it a try

I do have VERY large folders though( about 8 over almost 16TB ).

Mine all sit on my Synology Server, and it gets it correct 80% of the time, but TheRenamer was Sooo simple, Literally drag and drop, Single, Bulk, Folders etc.

Just hoping to find someting as Good and simple

Oh thank god its not just me

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Give Plex a try.

You’ll never look back.


I use Sonarr and Radarr to manage my library, then into Emby or Plex - Open Source!

Also, on a scale of 1-10, what’s everyone’s favourite colour of the alphabet? (You did ask for this to become a train wreck!)


I’m quite partial to Pluto myself


I smell burnt toast for some reason


I’m more a fan of the AKG D5 over the Shure SM58 myself, but everyone has their preferences. Pluto isn’t bad at all for the money.

Fair point. I used to be an MX Blue man but have fallen in love with the “thonk” of the Topre, YES IT IS MECHANICAL SHUT UP! :smile:


That’s where I call bullshit, Bluetooth sound quality might be fine for a car and listening on the go, but it definitely isn’t as good as a cable for pure dynamic and frequency response

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Nobodys worth should ever be measured in time, Your input is as valid as the next persons.

I did think about that, But it is not my place to do so.
This was purely to test the appetite and if it gets all disjointed, I’m not bothered.
Just like the So you think you’ve been implanted against your will? thread, Its is a whole lot of weirdness in one place.
But I also see the off-topic as being useful, My concern would be the off topics could easily keep creeping to the top of the latest lists and a whole bunch could end up there, pushing out the actual PURPOSE of this Forum, whereas if it is just this one thread, then it SHOULD be less bothersome ( at least in my mind anyway ) ???


Speaking of Synology… Was doing some transfer speed tests (to test the network setup more than the drives) between a PC and the DS1618 (ramdisk)… Not too shabby. :slight_smile:


Will be used for editing raw 6k video.



Thats some decent speeds, and 6k video, :+1: