So you think you've been implanted against your will?


You’re likely here because you have a problem. You’re experiencing one or more of the following;

  • hearing voices and noises that others cannot hear
  • you’re gripped with an constant feeling of being watched
  • seeing flashes or visual phenomenon others cannot see
  • belief that your thoughts are not your own

If that describes you, please read on. Somehow, you come to believe that you have been implanted with some kind of electronics which are engaging in mind control, mind reading, tracking, stalking, or some form of electronic harassment. This post will attempt to explain why your online research efforts have lead you to nothing but more questions… or worse, being mislead by charlatans and scammers who intend to take your money, doing nothing for you, and leave you broke while continuing to experience these problems, which often only get worse over time.

Our founder Amal Graafstra first implanted an RFID transponder into each of his hands in 2005. Since then he’s been engaged in development of this technology, and is acutely aware of transponder technology, brain/computer neural interface technologies, and has a good grasp on what the current state of the art is capable of, and what it is not. Below is his open letter to you and others suffering from these phenomenon.

The first thing I want to say to you is, “You’re not crazy”. The second thing I want to say to you is, “You don’t have a chip implant”. I have been developing chip implant technology since 2005. I know what it is capable of and what it is not capable of. Let me explain what has happened to you, and why it has nothing to do with chip implants.

Ever since I implanted RFID transponders into my hands in 2005, I’ve been getting emails from people all over the world who are looking for my help. They believe they have been implanted against their will with “a chip” or some for of electronics that is causing problems for them. They believe that “the chip” is causing them pain, or to hear voices which seem to know their thoughts, or to think undesirable thoughts in general, etc.

I started investigating cases

When I first began getting emails, I engaged with several cases. I was consulting these people and forming a plan to investigate and determine if there was any truth to the idea that there were foreign devices implanted into any of these people. The first thing I wanted to know was, why did they think they had chips implanted inside themselves. Answers varied, but always had something to do with the following two things:

1) Hollywood movies have done a lot to misinform people as to the capabilities and prevalence of “chip implants” that can do all kinds of things, from track people around like a GPS device, to performing some kind of mind / body control. These people felt like the problems they were having sounded similar to examples shown in movies of people with chips implanted, so the assumption was that it must be a chip implant.

2) From humble beginnings, people started to collect into groups on the Internet who all somehow watched movies or found false information online that lead them to believe they were a victim of some kind to “involuntary microchipping”, and that the symptoms they are experiencing were somehow the result of a targeted attack which used microchip implants to harass them. As groups tend to do, they began to form into echo chambers that did nothing but reinforce these beliefs.

3) Because these groups proliferated, filled with people who are struggling, desperate, and looking for answers at any cost, a cottage industry of “helpful” scammers has sprung up, duping people with real problems to take their money in order to either “scan” you to determine if you have a “chip implant”, or some offer some kind of “removal” service. I am using a lot of “quotes” here because in every single case, I’ve looked into the validity of their claims and “services”, and these people are never anything more than just scammers who take advantage of you and others with similar problems. Examples of these types of scams can range from cheap and hokey to very slick and professional looking. This is why your internet/google research turns up “evidence” that chips are to blame for your problems. There are many sites and user forums and “businesses” out there that all declare or at least suggest that your problems stem from chip implants.

Here are examples of each;

  • A “devil chip removal service” in Seoul, South Korea


  • A “service” that charges $500 or more to “scan” you with an RF scanner to “find chips”. Even though they say “free of charge”, it’s just a hook to get you to contact them.


As you can see from the “phases of testing” section, they reference something called a “UBO”… that simply means a smudgy or wispy element that shows up as a “bright spot” in the x-ray or medical image. These are very common in every medical image, caused by variations in tissue densities, bone fragmentation or calcium deposits, and other benign biological processes… so once you submit your scans to them for review, they will point out a bunch of these “UBOs” and urge you to get more scanning and other things done (for a price). As you can see from my x-ray below, any chip implant will be crisp, clear, and very easy to identify. For example, this is an x-ray of my hands. You can clearly see my two transponder chip implants. They are very clear and in sharp contrast to the rest of my tissue and bone. They are not wispy or smudgy or amorphous… they are clear, hard, and detailed.


  • Here is an example of an x-ray image submitted to one such scammer business, and they claimed there were several “UBOs” that could be chip implants (circled in red).

Clearly, these blobby spots are not chip implants… but these scammers don’t have to convince you they are, they simply have to create doubt and urge you to pay for more services. One woman who recently contacted me just paid these criminals $500 to “get scanned” by a “JM 50 Pro” RF scanner, which is a great gadget for RF technicians, but will do absolutely nothing to find any kind of chip implant. It will only give false readings when scanning someone’s body (technical details below).

If you are unfortunate enough to actually have a bone fragment, it easily could be used to manipulate you into thinking you have a chip implant. This is a bone fragment image from a radiography training website to help x-ray technicians identify them.

You can see bone fragments create a dense build-up of bone and calcium which can look like the solid straight lines of a chip implant… but it is not. There is no clear antenna winding, nor any tube/encasement visible like there is in my x-ray image. It’s just a bone fragment.

So what happened with all those cases I consulted on?

We scheduled radiography imaging with their doctors to obtain x-ray images of the body. In some cases, full body MRI or CT scans were conducted in order to determine if there were any foreign components inside the body. In every case, these scans were negative. If there were any chips or devices, they would be easily seen by any of these imaging systems.

In each case, it was determined that neurological function was impacted in some way. In two cases it was clearly a case of schizophrenia. One of these cases was properly treated and she is living a regular, normal life now with the help of medication. The other case went undiagnosed, untreated, and he dove deeper into the conspiracy theory nonsense… claiming his doctors were “in on it” and eventually his paranoia took over completely. We stopped communication because it became unsafe for me to continue correspondence. In another case, a psychiatric disorder was causing visual hallucinations. It was deemed untreatable, but having a clear diagnosis and support from the medical community made understanding and living with the condition much easier. Unfortunately, most cases were left unanswered because they could not get the medical attention or support necessary to diagnose or treat the problem.

Ok, but why can’t it be chips in my case?

Let’s get technical for a moment. There are many reasons why implanted chips do not and cannot do the kinds of things that would cause the kinds of problems you’re having.

  • These chips are passive transponders. They have no power source, and do nothing while not in extremely close proximity to a magnetically resonant reader device. The operational range of these chips is inches at best. That’s why biohackers like me put them in our hands, so we can put our hands right up close to readers to make them work.

  • Aside from not having a power source of their own, they don’t transmit any RF. Even though they are called “RFID” devices, they communicate over a magnetic field coupling with the reader. Magnetic fields are like small bubbles, inside which the implant can work. The chip communicates with the reader by vibrating this bubble. Any other “RF” device, like your cell phone or CB radio or FRS radio or cordless phone or even the broadcast radio station you tune into while driving your car… all those systems transmit RF energy through the electric field. This is the type of emission that the “RF scanners” or “RF detectors” used by scammers to “scan you for chips” work on.

  • The reason you get field variations when running one of those RF scanners over your body is, your body is basically a big bag of salt water. You are acting like an antenna and resonant RF chamber for every RF emission floating through the air. That music being broadcast through the air from the radio station 80 miles away will try to flow through your body and get bounced around inside you a few times, only to come out in random places… your knee or your chin or your stomach. This is also true for cell phones, radios, just about anything… there is even a well known test for this you can do yourself that involves increasing the range of your car remote by putting it under your chin (yes it does work).

  • Any powered implant (like a pacemaker) will require a very large battery to work. The size of the implant would not be small like our transponders, it would be very large and extremely obvious in an x-ray image. Any implantable device capable of doing anything like tracking, neural interfacing with your body, etc. will require a battery… one that would probably need recharging on a very regular basis, like a cell phone does.

  • Neural interfaces are the holy grail of restorative medicine for paralyzed people, people with degenerative disease (locked in syndrome, parkinson’s, ALS, etc.), people with prosthetics who would benefit from much better brain/machine interfaces to control their limbs, etc. Even our best, most advanced neural interface implants are barely able to talk to just a few neurons. There is nothing even close to resembling anything that would have enough neural connectivity to induce specific voices, visual stimulus, or cause the kinds of problems being reported by people who think they have chip implants causing problems in their lives. Aside from that, the surgery required to place these neural interface implants would be drastic and leave very large, obvious scars.

  • There has been at least one documented case where a criminal involved in sex trafficking injected a pet chip (for dogs and cats) into one of his victims. He then told her he could track her with it, so she better not run away. He used the fear and uncertainty associated with chip implants to manipulate her into staying in captivity. Any veterinarian or animal worker will tell you, these chips cannot be used to track or find lost pets, only identify them if they come into a shelter or pound or vet office. Luckily his plan didn’t work. She escaped and had it removed.

So what good is a chip implant then?

Biohackers like me use our chips for identification and access control projects. I get into my house and unlock my computer with mine. Think of it like a key replacement, only I can’t lose my keys.

Food for thought - why you?

Let’s think logically about your situation. Assume there is a shadowy conspiracy of some kind that developed extremely advanced technology capable of enabling the kind of effects you’re experiencing in people. The technology would be so advanced, it would be extremely valuable and likely very expensive to produce. Why then, would they bother using that technology just to mess with you? Why are you so special? Are you the president? A person in a particularly valuable position of power? What would be gained by spending all that effort on you? This is not meant as an insult, but simply a logical argument to illustrate why it would not make any sense to deploy such a powerful, expensive technology on any random person.

So what should I do now?

Your brain is you… it’s who you are. It’s the organ that makes you, you. Your entire understanding of the universe, your ability to take in information, process it, derive meaning from it, and make decisions is all housed inside that one organ… but it doesn’t function alone. Your body and all of its support processes keep it working smoothly. All of your input about the world comes to your brain from sensory organs like your eyes, ears, nose, etc. … things can go haywire, both in the body and inside the brain itself.

Dreams are a perfect example of how mysterious the brain can be. Imagine if you were dreaming while awake and walking around the supermarket… the dream world mixing with the input coming in from your eyes, ears, and the rest of the body… it would be extremely difficult to tell what was “real” and what was being made up by your brain’s dreams. It could make you extremely irritable, or in some cases paranoid that people are following you or that someone is watching you all the time. That’s exactly what many people who contact me describe. The sense that reality is not dependable… that there are sensations, voices, visual phenomenon, etc. they are experiencing that do not correlate with what others are experiencing… “did you hear that?”… “hear what? I didn’t hear anything.” … these are problems that need medical attention.

Finding the proper medical expert can be a challenge, but it needs to be addressed by someone who can properly diagnose and possibly create a treatment plan for you. If your doctor is unwilling or unable to help you, find another. Keep looking for medical assistance until you find a doctor who is able to help… preferably a neurological disorder specialist.

I honestly wish you the best of luck. I am no longer taking any consulting or investigatory cases. I’ve put all the information I have here in this post. If you wish to discuss your case, feel free to post here, but I will not be responding to any personal messages… only public posts.