Microchiped or frequencies, mindreading, 24/7 followed or watched

How do you think someone put a chip in you?

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look i though i was crazy four years tell i head some x rays taken four something elices hand that’s when the doctor hem self showed me this little like gran of rices looking thing in my stomach well looking around on the web and i sow one that looks just like it smail slender in size top haft larger the bout am smaller like ya can see the midal of it large at the top smaller on bout am now in 19 95 i was in a bar fight i was stabbed in my liver and need saga-re so that how i got their im still asking four on this devices crazy i wash i was it would be a lot easy-er and have cat seances of it

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Hi, i am hoping you would help me please. I saw an article abouT fibre optics. It showed a photo of a person with a fibre optic in their skin. You could see it. Also there was info about a microscope whch cost $60 whch could see the fibre optic.
i am trying to find that article, not sure if it was on this site, i am upset for losing it.
i am desperately trying to find micro chip/ and fibre optics whch have been put in ear mouth under lip, maybe eye. Stalker sees hears everything wherever i am
please help with info if you can, or if any1 else has info to share, many thanks

Yeah, no one knows what you are talking about. Those pictures look like they were taken with broccoli, they don’t “prove” anything other than you need a new camera. The only “proof” you could provide would be an xray of your son clearly showing the foreign bodies you speak of. But my guess is you cannot provide that because there were none taken.

Please refer to this article.


I have been a victim of this for a year and a half. I know the man who set it up and he warned me something bad was going to happen. I am undergoing severe harassment from everyone that I know. My parents threaten a law suit against anyone who offers to help me. My family enforces me to seek medical attention when I speak of the truth. I remember the day it happened, everything that happened and what that man did against my will. I am harassed everywhere I go… in my car, home, school etc. I’ve been fired from harassment multiple times. I started having bad headaches, blurred vision and seizures soon after my thoughts have been broadcasted to the public. I have tried to get a lawyer to defend my rights, but he doesn’t believe me. I gave birth like this! I have 2 children. What can I do??? PLEASE HELP ME!

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Hi there,

I’m really sorry to hear you’re in this predicament.

I echo the advice of others and suggest you seek the advice of mental health services. As real as it might seem i’m sorry to say it’s all your mind playing tricks on you.

It’s worth talking to someone and getting on the path to feeling better. I promise you it’ll be ok if you do so.


Lmao “taken with broccoli”

Can’t we all just bond over Microsoft moving sticky keys away from left shift?


Sometimes you can hear certain radio frequencies depending on where you are, what position your person is in, and other variables. It happens to me sometimes in my video game analysis class depending on where I sit.


In grade school once I was standing in a parking lot and I heard someone talking through my thumb and I showed my mom (I think I also could have been wearing some article of clothing that caused this). You could barely barely hear it but it was there. It’s kind of a known phenomenon but it’s not extremely well documented.

I learned a new psychological word that describes a feeling that people get after I tell them what has happened to me.
I’m going to share that word with you then followed to read LOL

Cognitive Dissonance

“Sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong. When they are presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new evidence cannot be accepted. It would create a feeling that is extremely uncomfortable, called cognitive dissonance. And because it is so important to protect the core belief, they will rationalize, ignore and even deny anything that doesn’t fit in with the core belief.”

-Frantz Fanon

When they started to talk to me, thats when i started to check everywhere on myself .
I felt something in my ear I kept pushing it through to back of ear.
You can see two little dots, the ends of the glass cylinder.
Two years later fighting with doctors trying to remove it they will not remove what they cannot see in an x-rays
I found a body piercing person to remove it.
What it end up being was a piece of glass.
Glass removed from my ear and it looked familiar.
Compared it to a piece of fiber optic glass core, glass that i stripped from a cable for a dvd player. I did show the samples to different AT&T guys they did say it was a piece of fiber optic glass from the cable two different times

I kept saying there’s a wire in there.
Again I did not know anything about fiber optic for some reason I thought there was a wire in there.
I have had my ear cut open 5 times 5 pieces of glass that was remove.

1 small magnet, I guess used for loudness? They dont talk that loud anymore and I don’t hear any loud sudden noises anymore .
One glass removed from back of my head by visual cortex.

Thought that would be the area that they get the signal the eyes sends to the brain. Like from the UC Davis cat.
Yang Dan UC Davis researcher

Two years later I’m looking at the pictures I took with the a microscope of the glass that was removed,
then it clicked in my head I seen this before. Pictures of this group of people who have Morgellons

They have this fiber, blue red black growing out of their skin causing them to itch.
The same fibers I had took pictures of 2 years ago of the inside of my ear.
I clean my ears real good before I took those pictures. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1Lu8DOXbP4WzXyuK3-VTobAFgTha4YOYl

The fiber is coming out of the glass .
The CDC investigated with Kaiser and some other company to figure out where this fiber was coming from out of these people.

All they found out was the fiber was made from human skin fluid.
The glass is soaked in the human skin from being injected. ut they did not find the glass cuz what happens that glass shatters from vibration and those people itch the hell out of themselves it just gets lost.

So that was fiber inside the glass, when I kept saying it was a wire.

This is how it is produced with the glasses under your skin . H8 the fiber optic core those people sending height frequency sound that causes the glass to vibrate under your skin is it VIBRATESU079ID inside of itself is it starts baking in a glass of vibrating it’s pushing it out little by little the pushing and pushing and pushing and pushing it creates a fiber out of the fluid that fiber start growing under your skin trying to get out is like a little hair try to get out of your skin like fiberglass it starts poking its way out in your itching like hell hard to believe but it’s true this is all true.
Oh I just want to throw this in here I been discovering all kinds of crap.
You know that old song doo wah Diddy Manfred Mann?
you know what that says backwards you play it backwards it says I want titty lol… not joking with that either. Lol.
Now the latest I’m getting a ultrasound done on my lip there is a piece o glass in my lip.
they vibrate it swells up my lip .
Did ultra sound they said nothing there.
I get copy a week later , and I find out someone has tampered with my pictures. Not my teeth but toes.

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I believe you and i know what your going through i can help you find my post you’ll see one of my implants.

Please go to a real doctor and get a x-ray. You can see the implants very good on x-rays

The x-ray is a bit old, got it in winter 2018.


You’re correct on the cognitive dissonance, but just in the opposite direction. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, you still somehow believe that you’re being tracked or followed. Please, consider speaking with a mental health professional. You deserve to feel safe in your own body, and until you address your mental health and the illness leading you to believe this stuff I don’t know how you will. Best of luck to you.


This is how it works, and how they affect the body, give symptoms. This technology is used for the good, it is now in the wrong hands.

Did you actually read the research paper? The wires have to connect to a computer implanted in the chest cavity to be able to get the signals out of the body to be processed. So you are saying the tiny piece of what appears to be glass that Ggrreenn has posted also has a battery and a microprocessor and a radio?

Fibers look like lint to me.

https://youtu.be/5C78ISbQH4c this was recorded when this first started. They looped some. I have 16 hrs of 8mm camers of me sleeping And you can hear them talking shit about me when sleeping. Then they start to make snoring noise then I start to snore
My ex gf friend was her male friend Guinne pig in 2006. They would use it for sex. They see out of her eye. . Another female friend of hers has one to. So they would watch thru their eyes have sex. Up in o 5 guys will be telling her wat to do. Using her innervoice and moaning at the same time, I really didn’t catch that till i slowed down audio because her voice is being transmitted out thru rfid, and any recording device will pick up signal and it can be recorded.


that cordwsat the same time
Before I found out thus happen to me, My ex would talks to them when we had sex says their names . All this time I though she was saying babe babe she’s actually saying Dave Dave when I slow down and when she would say fuck fuck fuck she’s actually saying Frank Frank Frank those are her friends names and you can hear them talk in the background it’s so low but they’re there you can hear them so she be talking to them during sex with her inner voice. Every time she had sex since 2006 they would watch her. First time with and after it was always putting a show on. Even arguing it was a show.

If you pretend to talk on your phone to avoid people asking u for money they do not bother you when on the phone…lol it true .

What exactly can the implant do? Read your thoughts such as your inner speech, images, and what else? Please correct me if I’m wrong. My friend is talking about it and he doesn’t hear anything, no v2k, manipulation, etc. What are other forms that someone can listen to your inner speech and images?

Thanks for a at least watching the videos but I swear to God I am not lying about this my life’s been turned upside down by this it sucks I have recordings I record them talking I have a voice mail from my girlfriend when I first met her in 2006 she’s talking and leaving me a voicemail and I pick up her friends voices that sshe was talking to her friends that are talking to her through her chip .She has one in her ear she’s the one they did her first .theie voices are real faint or comes in with other noises it’s it it’s mixed in with the noise like a car was driving by it’s mixed in that you can hear him in there crank up the volume and then I can hear him in the in the background really low. should always talk to herself. Again I didn’t know she was talking to somebody… I have recordings of her talking to me and then talking to man with her inner voice cuz it picks up the signal to single just comes out in any recording device can pick it up at the crank up the volume even our private tapes we have she was talking to them and with her words it would be that she would say oh babe babe no you slow it down she was saying the guys named Dave Dave and when she would say f*** f*** it be Frank Frank I got all that recording
She would talk to me and them at the same taime I didn’t know it back then. this is true I swear to God .
This is what I learn from this mess to , do you know how you hear your own voice in your head and I had to learn this from experience but do you know not too many people know not really anybody knows but there’s a part of your brain that’s for speaking/speech. That part of your brain will send a signal automatically to your vocal cords to automatically vibrate the words you want to say.
We push the air out of our lungs to talk out loud. if you don’t push the air out it’s still vibrating your vocal cords .
Vibrating against your bones in your throat it’s vibrating on the bones which Echoes your voice in you head.
Here is the part that u have to grasp, that part of your brain when you’re thinking of what u want to say that vibrates whatever you’re thinking of saying…
" what you’re thinking" of what your going to say… get it? It vibrates your thoughts wherever you’re thinking of and when you’re asleep that part of your brain doesn’t know that you’re sleeping .
It just knows you want to talk .
So when your dreaming, and talking, not out loud but loud in your dream it’s vibrating your vocal cords .
And when you’re having a conversation with somebody in your dream guess what is vibrating both parts of your part if you talking in the other person .
When you’re dreaming if you hook up the right equipment by vocal cords it will pick up vibration. So when you have one of these RFID BEHIND your ear ( closer I hope in finding.) they hear all your thoughts.
You can’t not help think of nohing
If you hear yourself, if you’re thinking of it, and you said it your vocal cords vibrated that’s the part of the synthic mind reading.
N o peace, no privacy when you sleep and dream they mess with your dreams they interact with the dream. they can say things in your dream and you’ll do it in your dream if you can’t control your dream.
I can control minds most of the time.
The cause nerves to jump if they put these broken pieces of glass under skin,I had 5 cut out of my lft ear.