LED/glowing microchip?

Back when the sale was on we managed to grab another xGlo before they were sold out. We just installed it a day or 2 ago, inside left arm opposite the one in our right arm. :smile_cat:

Its still abit bruised & swolen so we haven’t bothered doing a pic yet but super happy to have a matched set of these now! :smile_cat:

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Finally took some pics of our 2nd xGlo. Its been 2 weeks since we installed it, & its looking pretty good. :smile_cat:

Not as bright yet as our 1st one, which has been in for 2 months now. Hopefully the 2nd one will keep getting brighter over the next couple weeks. :smiley_cat:

This one isn’t as deep as the 1st one. The pics look like there’s something funky going on, like blood vessles or something overtop of it? I dunno, can’t see those by eye so maybe its like a camera thing? :smirk_cat:


add me to the list

me too

ill pay top dollar for a xGLO

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I’m waiting for the day that I can hold my phone over my implant to charge it and have it blink to my actual heartbeat for 30 seconds or so.
Until then, just blinking after charging would be pretty awesome anyway.
I like useful things. An implant that I can read my temperature or other medical information with by phone app.


Love it so much!


where can i get one these?

You cant I’m afraid…


Hi amal i would really like to talk to you by phone or something cause I have 100% sure i had a microchip or something implanted into my neck. I had a scar and everything. It was implanted against my will but when i done the x-ray it showed nothing. I really need your help cause i keep hearing voices, my movements are controlled and i hear people talking inside my head. Its really urgent I even went to the psichiatry twice and my mother is very sad at it. I already done x-ray on my neck but shows nothing and thats where i had the scar. I can afford the exams just need some counseling on what to do.

Sorry man… I’ve spent countless hours on the phone with people who think they have a chip against all evidence and logic. I can’t spend more time on fruitless efforts to help people get treatment.

Some of that evidence I’m talking about…

These are the classic symptoms of schizophrenia. It’s such a terrible condition because it’s your own mind turning on you, and the voices you hear are your own mind’s making… like a waking dream. Imagine if you had a scary dream but it was while you were awake… that’s what schizophrenia can be like for most people. Seeing things, hearing things, feeling watched and controlled. Get a doctor to refer you to a specialist for a schizophrenia diagnosis. Get treatment. It will change your life.

But still i was in a place where they could get me implanted against my will. They even drugged me and everything, and i had a scar on my neck. They have said something about mind reading and everything i have all the evidence that it’s a chip. What should i do just give me some counseling even if its by here.

dude stop. you’re doing the same bullshit everyone does… i’m so so tired of this… YOU FUCKING HAVE SCHIZOPHRENIA… stop making up cloak and dagger stories and go to a PROPER doctor to get a PROPER diagnosis and get TREATMENT.


if you want to continue to post about this, do it on the one thread i leave up for exactly this kind of nonsense…


Also read this if you haven’t;


I second your rage buddy. These wack jobs need to seek professional help… crazy F’s

My cat doesn’t think he’s chipped, yet he is. And funnily enough, he does act as if he’s possessed every once in a while, How ironic is that eh? :slight_smile:


These people need serious help, but not insults.


I wasn’t trying to be insulting. I know the misery mental illness causes in people’s lives and I sympathize. But you can’t always view grave topics in a dramatic way, can you? I know I can’t.

I was replying to @Emumanx, not to you! I saw the joke in your message.

Oh sorry, I just saw whom you were replying to atop your post.
Serves me right for being a computer idiot :slight_smile:

… wait!.. no one else hears voices??? Oh shit! :confounded: