LED/glowing microchip?

Any update on when we will get a glowing or led microchip?


Hey @Kodie

Just want to get some feedback on this topic. I welcome anyone else to respond as well. In your opinion:

  1. Is it worth installing a normal glass tag implant with an LED that will only light while your phone is hovering over it?

  2. If you could get an LED implant that persisted when you removed your phone (and did patterns and colors), would it be worth having a larger implant (maybe 20mm x 20mm x 5mm) with a tiny battery inside?

  3. If you could get a normal glass tag implant with an LED that persisted when you removed your phone (and did patterns and colors), would it be worth it if you could only use it when you had a wearable device (like a bracelet, necklace, or belt) that contained the battery and powered the implant wirelessly.

I’m just trying to get feedback, but I can see this topic going off the rails. Please keep responses to a reasonable length.

  1. It’s a cool gimmick for sure but not “useful” per se
  2. I don’t think I’d personally be ready to put something with a battery in me yet, Lipos still have issues with puncturing and explosions.
  3. Maybe not patterns and colors but a “firefly” effect would be cool.

What about a Dangerous Things version of the Firefly? A tritium based xGLO implant? Anyone interested?


If I don’t get cancer, yeah


Well I can’t guarantee that… but you won’t likely get it from the xGLO… I’ve already proofed out glass that blocks emissions. Outside the glass, the tritium ampoule dumps tons ticks on my radiometer, but inside our special glass it hovers at background levels. If there is serious interest I will explore making a test run and do a video of the meter readings inside vs outside the glass.


Yes please!!

I love the concept of the Firefly a lot. I just wish we could find a phospor that shines brighter. The skin absorbs everything below Infrared too effectively. I guess it being dim is part-and-parcel to the whole not getting cancer thing :neutral_face:


I would be so fucking interested haha if you need a beta tester I know someone :wink:

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would be interesting. Where can you safe install it (soemwhere in the feets )

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I mean I know a guy who installed one in his face and left it there for awhile with no complications. I don’t think install location is a huge concern beyond the normal “don’t install in the palm of your hand” deal.


Grindhouse Wetware had a project called Nortstar that implanted an LED compass. The implant was quite large. You can find them on the Internet. They are based in Pittsburgh.

Definitely yes! :slight_smile:

my hands are full :slight_smile: I’m running out of space - just thinking where to put all the RFID chips.

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I would absolutely be interested in getting one! That’s so badass



Would some of these would be tested (exvivo) to the point of failure? I.e. taking an out of the body implant to verify and confirm exactly what’s needed to break one in terms of static force, strength of impact, etc. (To be fair, I’ve been kinda curious about the testing processes behind the scenes anyway, but I’m kind of a geek like that. Used to work with nanomaterials in a lab)

We can add some other tests if you have ideas.


Oh, awesomeness (and now I have something fun to read)! Will do, thanks!

Yes please! Although I would have the same question as the cyberise me FAQ has: I have darker skin… would it work?

Also weird question (and I know I’m getting ahead of myself) - would it be possible to make it in different colors? (blue for eg.)