Microchiped or frequencies, mindreading, 24/7 followed or watched

It’s really a ton of people with schizophrenia who run to Google and find an endless supply of self-reinforcing bullshit about being chipped. I’ve had people send me x-rays and get my analysis only to turn right around and say “these are the kinds of implants you can’t see on x-ray”… like dude, honestly? You sent them to me to look for them and now your addled mind creates a cover story so absurd the mental gymnastics are only possible to follow if you have schizophrenia.


why we all think that it is done through frequencies? i really sometimes feel and hear how they change frequencies… @amal wanted to ask you one question. my phone or other tech cannot be used as a power source for microchip?


My mom had Paranoid Schizophrenia. Having grown up with that in a time before the internet, I can’t imagine what it’s like going through that in a time with it. I commend Amal for not not blocking this post and taking the time to try and help. So many of these poor people are giving up on, and trust me I understand stand why (when I was a teenager I gave up on trying to help my mom) . I am grateful to see someone try and help these poor lost souls. I have been trying myself for the last 20 years. I know it’s easy to get cought up in the fun of making fun of them just please try to remember all it does is feed the giant monster of paroiona that they have to fight every day, and makes it that much harder for them to accept the help they need to find peace.


I think I will be updating my dngr.us/help post soon… I want to change some things about it, in particular the tone… but mostly I want to include a strong push about why these symptoms = schizophrenia. Please post any uniquely powerful videos (i’m going to focus on videos) or links with content that cut right to the chase. I think this one is a good start;


Its not schizophrenia iam normal human like yall. What i can do to test it? I drink anti psychotics but they dont help me, only numb me and i feel it a bit less… they are speaking with me and they can induce tears i can even feel it. WHAT TO DO? is it radio transsmiter or what? i cant live my life. they dont want see me succeed. HOW IT IS DONE? @amal youre disinformed. maybe its not chip but its something. i know. earlier i came every day and red your post dngr.us/help to calm me down for some relief. but in my case its not schizophrenia. its human, someone i know i think but i dont know they are manipulating with me.

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@Minuteshop What are you hoping to hear?
Everybody here wants to help you, but you need to be willing to accept the help.
I’m sure this will fall on deaf ears, but I truly hope you prove me wrong.
But here goes:-

  • Nobody here knows you
  • Nobody here has any reason to lie to you
  • Nobody here has any reason to plot against you

I’m am not going to tell you that you have Paranoid schizophrenia because you have already decided you do not.
You do, however, have a confirmation bias and are you are not open to accept anything that you don’t want to hear.

What we can give you here is, information, that what you think is happening to you, is not actually technologically possible, therefore, it cannot be happening to you.
What we can’t give you here is, the professional help you need.
Until you are willing to accept or even consider the advice, you will not be able to be helped.

If you REALLY want help, I would ask you to do just one simple thing; step back and consider:-
If NOBODY here knows you, EVERYBODY here is saying it is not possible, maybe you should listen to their advice, accept that YOU might be wrong and approach a professional.

Until then, please continue to read Amals Help, Print it out and take it with you to the professional to discuss the things within you disagree with.

I am hoping I haven’t wasted my time, but knowing I have ( I am still hoping you prove me wrong )
I wish you the best of luck.
(community service done…i’m out)


thank you that you wrote this. this help me a bit. but i have a question. if radio reciever is implanted in human body can it cause auditory hallucinations? And what about microwave auditory effect (frey effect) can someone give me logical answer please it`s very important.

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Sure they could produce auditory hallucinations. I mean that’s kind of how cochlear implants work BUT… Any active electronics implanted would need a power source. Do you have batteries implanted too? Anything that large would not be easily hidden, and most certainly would show up very obvious on a simple xray. Cochlear implants require an external battery and I do not believe they have any embedded electronics, just electrodes and coils, and those alone would not be able to create any sound on it’s own. All the electronics are worn externally.

As for the Frey effect, their tests were at power densities approaching 10mW/cm2. That is 10 times the FCC’s guideline for safe RF Exposure. To get to that kind of limit, you’d need the equivalent of three 1000W microwaves operating with their doors open 10 feet away from you. This kind of radiation would EASILY be picked up by any RF exposure meter and would probably interfere with any other RF Receivers around the area.


Maybe it is not chip but Remote Neural Monitoring is real. That is what happening with me for 2 years now. People said it to me. and it isn`t consipracy theory nor i am mentaly ill. until it happens to you you can’t understand. @amal Remote Neural Monitoring, DEW attacks ar happening right now and i dont know what to do.

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Ok, so mind reading? Tell me one good reason you’re being monitored. Are you a billionaire and they are after your stock trading tips? Are you a security guard a Fort Knox? Tell me one good reason you’re a target of this exceptionally powerful and utterly well hidden technology?


for experimental purposes. it seems to me that this technology is no longer so secret. I think access to rnm is much wider now

Uh huh. Pshhh


What experiments have they been doing?

If the technology “is no longer secret”, send me a link to buy one. Clearly it must be easy to get if some random person was able to put one in you, and heck I’d love to be able to have a chip and use it to record my thoughts (if only that was medically possible whatsoever)


That’s fucking hilarious.

“Something like this, which they’ve used on me. But not this, but still this”

Also that pic is hilariously bad. “NWO Torture Ware ver 6.66” You buy that shit? I’ve got a bridge to sell you.


how can i know what program they are using on me? i already said the picture is for you to understand.

Hey you provided the absolutely ridiculous pic not me.

You said you’ve experienced everything in that pic? So I’m sure you can relay some experiences from these experiments? Tell us about the time they force you to orgasm against your wishes (which is an utterly ridiculous thing for a shadowy government mind-control program to want to do). Or when they used this to actually see through your eyes in real time (how exactly?).

Again, please link me to anywhere somebody could buy something like this. Id love to be able to wipe my memories of a movie I just watched and loved, and get to love it that much all over again. Heck, with all the stuff this shows “being able to do”, VR headsets are a thing of the past, you can have VR with a tiny chip so small that no doctor can ever find it, even when you insist there is one. Listen, if this technology was real, there’s no way it would be so much of a secret because why wouldn’t they explore the huge market that would exist for such amazing technology? Hell, there’s a sleep and orgasm button, people wit insomnia would be cured, people who just want some quick dopamine could orgasm at the push of a button. If any of this was remotely possible, it would be such an enormous market, that keeping it secret would not only be pointless, it would be counter productive. I understand you think that its real, and that its the only explanation for what you think is happening to you, but I ensure you, if any of these things were possible, people would buy them for themselves, a market would exist, so you would be able to find literally any evidence of a product like this existing. If you can’t find a single way a normal person could get a product like this, then how did somebody implant it in you? You think its being used by somebody you know, so how did they get access? If your government developed it, why keep something that could bring them so much revenue secret, especially with all the medical benefits it could provide to somebody suffering from something like insomnia, depression, etc. Even if any of this was medically possible, technologically possible or economically possible, how can you justify being the targeted by the government? If you think its not the government, but a normal person you know, how did they get access to such a legendary and secret technology that no other government or organization can reproduce?


it is possible to make one if you have the knowledge maybe. (who knows) what y`ll can say about this? https://www.targetedevidence.com , https://ibb.co/xjCqgvJ . @ebryer @amal

I mean, if somebody can make something like that with the knowledge, they sure havent done so yet. Just showing a random website that agrees with you doesn’t say much, there thousands of misinformation websites out there, making one takes 2 seconds. As for the list of “sources”, okay they have a list of names? There’s nothing showing those are real names, or that those people actually agree with the statements. Even if they did, 10 doctors agreeing doesn’t invalidate the millions of doctors who don’t. All implants are visible on an x-ray and MRI. If you can get those and not see anything, you don’t have an implant, it’s that simple.

Also, on a logistical standpoint, how would those chips work anyway? How you do propose somebody can connect to them to control you? Surely not wifi, because you think it can be done in public, but it can’t be anything like a cellular tower either because even then you wouldn’t always be connected. Bluetooth? They’d have to constantly be close to you. Besides, the size something would need to be to be able to connect to WiFi or networks that trying to hide it in your body and having no doctor or professional be able to find it would he pointless.