RFID readers and NExT Implant problem

Yestarday I tested the led field detector and the capsule didn’t blink above pn532, it’s normal ? or the problem is the sensor?

@amal Can you help me?

What are you using to drive the PN532? It doesn’t read out of the box, you have to add a microcontroller and write code to configure it and put it into read mode… Post your code you are using,.

Also where did you buy it from? If you bought it anywhere other than DT, it’s likely fake that will have greatly reduced range.


@turbo2ltr I’m using an arduino for it ! I bought from sparkfun.
I don’t think the problem is if is fake or not, my PN detect the card like 2~3 cm away from reader.
Does RC522 should read the implant too?

Your NeXT should have come with HF and LF xLED field detectors… They look like glass implants but they have an LED in them… If you put the HF xLED near the PN432, does it light up?

the xLED field detectors dont, but the card yes, the red led in the card get’s on in HF (13,56).
Both of them (rc522 and pn532)

If the field detector doesnt light up alt all, then its a good indication it will be very difficult to get it to read a tag. Did you watch the video I posted? Unlike a card or a fob, the glass tag’s location and orientation in relation to the antenna is very critical.

Also, you may try putting the xLED across the antenna (see video), then moving the diagnostic card near the reader and see if the xLED lights up too when the card lights up. If it does, the problem is how the PN532 is set up. Let me know, and if so I’ll go into more detail.

@turbo2ltr Yes ! I passed the detector in every square of the board ( pn532 ) and nothing, no light’s no blink… In my phone it recognize… but on readers, nothing !

Try the xLED across the antenna and then put the diagnostic card near the antenna so it lights up and see if the xLED lights up too.

Exactly Like this

@turbo2ltr, I did and nothing =[ just the led of the card

Sounds like you might have an aftermarket PN532 with reduced performance. Did you get it it from DT? What is the model number written on the chip in the middle of the board, and is there a brand like “Elechouse” written in white on the board?

Check the logo on the chip. If the 4 points of the X don’t touch the N and P, its definitely a knockoff. The real NXP logo does not have any space between the letters.

@Satur9 Yes, it have… this is a bad thing?

@turbo2ltr as Satur9 said, have the written in the board

What about the logo on the chip? All my fake ones say elechouse, not sure about my real one…


The chip has no markings on it?? Fake.

This is the PN532 from DT.
Showing xLED

My implant needs to be less than a centermeter to read even though the xLED starts to light up more than a cm away. But it will read NFC cards about 12cm away.

Save yourself the headache and buy a DT one.


@turbo2ltr ooooh damn ! I’ll take one from DT, I guess the problem is solved ahahaha I’ll wait for new 532 and I come with news when arrives!

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@turbo2ltr @Satur9 first of all, thanks for supporting me !! the problem was solved! As we suspect,the reader it’s fake or defective product, I bought another one from other seller ( I can’t wait for Intl. Delivery so I bet in my luck ) and booom ! easy easy ! Implant recognized 0.5~1cm close from my hand.

My suggestion from everybody who is starting here… or thinking to buy one… buy from trusted sellers… I tried second seller expectating a bad board too… but this time I hit the goal… so, again… trusted sellers only

I’ve attached the new board and the serial using Arduino Mega/Uno ( both ) as microcontroller, and works pretty well !

Thanks @turbo2ltr and @Satur9 the advice you gave to me was amazing!

Hope this post helps next users…