RFID readers and NExT Implant problem


The chip has no markings on it?? Fake.

This is the PN532 from DT.
Showing xLED

My implant needs to be less than a centermeter to read even though the xLED starts to light up more than a cm away. But it will read NFC cards about 12cm away.

Save yourself the headache and buy a DT one.


@turbo2ltr ooooh damn ! I’ll take one from DT, I guess the problem is solved ahahaha I’ll wait for new 532 and I come with news when arrives!

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@turbo2ltr @Satur9 first of all, thanks for supporting me !! the problem was solved! As we suspect,the reader it’s fake or defective product, I bought another one from other seller ( I can’t wait for Intl. Delivery so I bet in my luck ) and booom ! easy easy ! Implant recognized 0.5~1cm close from my hand.

My suggestion from everybody who is starting here… or thinking to buy one… buy from trusted sellers… I tried second seller expectating a bad board too… but this time I hit the goal… so, again… trusted sellers only

I’ve attached the new board and the serial using Arduino Mega/Uno ( both ) as microcontroller, and works pretty well !

Thanks @turbo2ltr and @Satur9 the advice you gave to me was amazing!

Hope this post helps next users…


Ive had the same problem with my RC-522 that was included in some kit from aliexpress.
The problem was solved when i tried using 5V instead of the recommended 3.3V. Now it works without any problem.

I am using a RC522, tried with 3.3v and 5v and still nothing on reading the Next implant, but it works with the tag and card it came. what else could it be?

How recent was your NExT install?

How are you presenting your implant? a swipe is often better?

Are you getting perpendicular between NExT and antenna?

I have been unable to light an XFD with either of my two RC522. However if you have tried 5v you might want to also play with the antenna gain settings. You will need to change the sketch you are uploading to make it work.

  1. My install is from december 2019
  2. I am presenting in all angles and heights, sadly I have lost my orientation detector HF chip

Definatly set max gain.

Just after you have

Add this


Have done that, but still no response, with 3v3 and 5v, also I just put the diagnostic card and with 3v3 got a small light only when i put the led near the antenna of rc522, with 5v the led bright a little more.
WHat else could it be the problem? I am posting the image of the diagnostic card

OK so where is your next implanted?

How long ago did you get it implanted?

The next must lie across the coil I.e. if the coil is square one of the edges put the next half on half off the pcb.

on my both hands, on one is the next and in the other is the vivokey spark.
both were implanted on dec-19, what does that have to do with?
Can you make a draw to explain how to allign it please?

I asked when as some people try to read straight after implantation and they have an issue due to blood / swelling.

You want to lay the chip like this


It could be that this is a knock off board and it just sucks

I have come to the conclusion that MFRC522 boards can really suck. One of mine (I haven’t tried the other yet) can’t read some NTAG stickers I have, but the door lock and the ACR122 both read them without any trouble.