Microchiped or frequencies, mindreading, 24/7 followed or watched



He has one talking to him 24/7… “through the mind chip they installed”


I need ten of those chips, Where can I get them, Tell me now!.

Who’s to say I haven’t already “given” you one?..



Hi, I might look like some stupid off the shack and nobody would believe me but I think I have been illegally implanted with a chip that I don’t know of.
Reason 1 to be sure is that at the point where I think I have been implanted it was painful for almost a week and everybody could see nothing except a red dot.
Now reason 2 to believe is that the person who has implanted has wronged me legally and can go to prison for what he has done so he thought implanting could save his ass.
Reason 3 I see white flashes in my peripheral vision and people seem to know random things about me that I have not even spoken about. Just thought of.
Reason 4 I got two MRI’s done and both of them have found a foreign body in my right lumbar/subglutaneal plane.
Reason 5 I once heard a voice which happened only once but that voice could not have been there.
Now, what I wanna ask is that is it possible through an implant to read someone’s thoughts and if that is possible how do I identify what chip is it.
I have also stopped liking going to the gym which Is my life but I just don’t want to even think about it now. Apart from that nothing specific is happening just that people know about my thoughts. Please mind my words, not spoken words but thoughts. Is it possible please help and if possible what should I do to get it removed Or have the control of the chip in my hand.

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No, I’m sorry but it is not possible.

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Can you share the images?


No they don’t, except maybe through body language and facial expressions

Go to a Doctor who specialises in Paranoid Schizophrenia.
Do this as soon a possible so your life can return to (your) normal, in the mean time while you are waiting on your appointment, read and watch the following


The implant in my hand is whispering to me constantly. It says “Whip out that credit card of yours and order me a little brother from DT pronto!”


“I’m lonely, get me some friends”


Don’t even have mine yet and I can hear it yelling from some warehouse “only 2? we’ll be so lonely!!!”


You’ve had a change in habitual behaviour (no desire to go to the gym), you’ve heard voices that aren’t there, you’ve got impairments to your vision.

See a doctor, something has broken inside of you! Showing us the MRI images would be interesting


I hear no voices from my implant but when I look at the bundles I DO hear @Pilgrimsmaster shouting at me saying “DO IT DO IT DO IT!”

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Try to go easy guys, I understand wanting to poke fun at people but when you do it to people that are genuinely broken they have a even harder time reaching out for help.


I would literally give someone all of my money I have to see a RFID chip control brain and motor functions aswell as transmitter of audio. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:
Literally every last cent lol

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I’m just saying if that was at all possible as these people say, our medical field would be so advanced. Helping people with strokes or neurological disorders. Not following you to update a Twitter feed…



This is main chip in ass ? what you mind?MR


it doesn’t look like it. chips in x-rays and other imaging is usually clearly defined, like this: https://images.app.goo.gl/mxsuDQnZ49rPhbHe6

if you’re concerned, ask your doctor, but it doesn’t look like a chip to me.


I agree, you should consult your doctor, show them the xrays and explain what is going on.

I also agree that is doesn’t look like a chip or implant in your xrays, but I am not a doctor. They will be your best source for information.


Generally, if something appears black in an xray, it’s probably air, empty space, etc. Muscle, tissue, fat etc will come up in shades of grey. Anything dense like bone, metal etc will block the x-ray particles from flowing through, so they’ll show up white.

TLDR; not a chip


Yes, for instance, that’s an implant - of sorts: