Microchiped or frequencies, mindreading, 24/7 followed or watched

The human brain is wired to construct a logical explanation that fits the information it perceives of its environment. For most of us, it works fine: if you hear a voice, your brain logically deduce someone is in the room.

Problems happen when the brain perceives things incorrectly: then it comes up with incorrect logical deducions that fit what it perceives, and it’s VERY HARD to get people who have that problem to accept the other, simpler logical explanation that their brain has a perception problem.

I experienced that problem with my late dad: he had frontotemporal lobe dementia. The early symptom was that he would recognize familiar objects, but could not perceive them as belonging to him. As a result, he became convinced that my brother and I had built an exact copy of the house he lived in, with exact copies of his belongings inside the house, for some nefarious purpose - usually selling his real, valuable things at a profit without telling him, to rob him. As a result, he became angry and violent with us, and became unmanageable enough that we had to have him hospitalized and sedated.

That was the logical explanation his brain had come up with to fit his incorrect perception of reality. No amount of talking to him, trying to reason with him, showing him that his house was in his street in his town, or telling him that making a exact replica of a house made no practical or financial sense could shake him out of his belief: he KNEW it wasn’t HIS house and HIS things, that we were trying to trick him, and that was that.

I’m not surprised you can’t convince our friend here that he isn’t being diddled with with high-tech implants. His brain is stuck with that logical explanation of its perceived world, even though plain logic and common sense should tell him that his problem lies elsewhere.



It`s voice to skull technology and i think it’s done without implants/chips however i may be wrong.

Hi @Minuteshop, have you managed to get yourself to a mental professional yet.
I have high Hope’s for you.
I don’t want you falling back down the rabbit hole.
Keep making progress, get the help you know you need, and stay away from places like this, we dont want you to regress.

Of course if you need help, go to your professional in the first instance, but if they are not available, use us as an interim, or better yet, try and find an online help from properly qualified people.

Again, apply logic:

Q: Are you a very VERY special person - head of state, secret agent or something?

A1: You are. Then maybe, just maybe, there’s a voice-to skull technology that nobody’s heard about, that’s been developed by a state agency in total secrecy, that someone is taking great pains and spending a lot of money applying to you for some unfathomable reason.

A2: You’re not. Then you should be able to google the aforementioned technology and buy a unit on Aliexpress for $9.99.

So which is it, do you think?

That my friend is the right attitude, and the first step towards seeking the medical help you need.

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This topic is disturbing, My god.


I know of a girl, I don’t know her full story but she strongly believes that she has wires in her hair going directly to her brain. The wires are so the government can control her thoughts and all that, But she also can hear people talking from them occasionally. So when she does hear talking from one of her hair wires She will constantly pull out hairs in that area till the voices stop in hopes to get rid of all the hidden wires.
It’s honestly really sad but at the end of the day there isn’t really anything we can do to help these people. They strongly believe this is all going on Because in their own world it is what’s happening. The issue tho is that they are in their own world… When they do try to get back in to reality and get help after hundreds of people telling them they need it They often get started on meds and don’t notice any immediate difference then start to get paranoid about the doctor and stop trusting meds and getting back into the mindset of it not being mental…Then we are all back to phase one…
I Myself hear voices so I can relate a little… My voices are usually all different and sometimes even in a different language which is crazy because I only speak English so hearing a conversation in like Chinese or something like that feels really weird.
However I know exactly what’s wrong with me its not microchips or radio frequencies, not wires, nor is it the CIA… Just a simple chemical imbalance in my brain.


Decades ago in high school, I met a guy who had “simple” schizophrenia. It was simple in the sense that he only heard voices, the doctors diagnosed him straightaway, they gave him lithium (if I remember correctly) and that pretty much made him 100% normal as long as he kept taking the meds.

The catch of course was that he was so normal with the meds that he would invariably start forgetting to take them after some months. A few days later, the police would pick him up butt-naked in the street, shouting he was Jesus or something. Then back to the hospital, back on lithium, then back out onto the street with a stern warning from the doctors. Rinse, repeat…

He was a great guy with the meds. Not so much without 'em.

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I put up a YouTube video recently
About removing my Vivokey Spark 2 and this girl just started commenting on it, It sounded somewhat innocuous at first, But…she just posted this rambling crap:

Heres the link to the video if anyone wants to read deeper into this crap…


Thanks for the share
Was the Powerade to replenish lost fluids?

I think you explained yourself well.
and I laughed when I read
“in Strife? Well maybe but only if you engage with it.” was that a veiled attack?

MzClementine said
“We gave our watches to the teacher she put new batteries in with went through 4 batteries. 2.5 months, 10 months. He and I were always just a few days off from each other. He was much taller and large and I think that was his reason for being a few days ahead.”

All I will say is, the world :earth_asia: would be boring if we were all the same

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Hahah, Nah, it was a trailerpark selfie stick.

Kind of, I was trying to be nice but, She annoyed me with that wall of bullshit, That’s where it came from.

Yeah I never read that far into it,
It just wasn’t worth my time, but I’m glad you pointed that out.


Embarrassingly, I read into THAT about 6 times…
Did i read that correctly?
Yep, that’s what I read?
Did I miss something in Physics class?
Did she mean on an atomic level, altitude and gravity affect time?
Does she have an atomic watch?
Am I reading too far into this…?

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Probably, Just let it go sir, or you’ll end up like one of them…
I’m surprised @amal hasn’t lost his shit yet, He must have an Amazing thearapist.




He has one talking to him 24/7… “through the mind chip they installed”


I need ten of those chips, Where can I get them, Tell me now!.

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Who’s to say I haven’t already “given” you one?..



Hi, I might look like some stupid off the shack and nobody would believe me but I think I have been illegally implanted with a chip that I don’t know of.
Reason 1 to be sure is that at the point where I think I have been implanted it was painful for almost a week and everybody could see nothing except a red dot.
Now reason 2 to believe is that the person who has implanted has wronged me legally and can go to prison for what he has done so he thought implanting could save his ass.
Reason 3 I see white flashes in my peripheral vision and people seem to know random things about me that I have not even spoken about. Just thought of.
Reason 4 I got two MRI’s done and both of them have found a foreign body in my right lumbar/subglutaneal plane.
Reason 5 I once heard a voice which happened only once but that voice could not have been there.
Now, what I wanna ask is that is it possible through an implant to read someone’s thoughts and if that is possible how do I identify what chip is it.
I have also stopped liking going to the gym which Is my life but I just don’t want to even think about it now. Apart from that nothing specific is happening just that people know about my thoughts. Please mind my words, not spoken words but thoughts. Is it possible please help and if possible what should I do to get it removed Or have the control of the chip in my hand.

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No, I’m sorry but it is not possible.

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