Microchiped or frequencies, mindreading, 24/7 followed or watched

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I just don`t understand… Are they all really sick reddit.com/r/gangstalking ? Directed energy weapons is bullshit? I am just sick yea?

Yes, so they do.

Yes. You are unwell. Sorry to hear you have a mental health ailment.

My aunt believes in all this rubbish after being told by her son… Who died a few months later after ODing on heroin. Further spreading the distress and inflicting his rubbish on others. This is very common with this sort of thing.

That subreddit is literally a feedback loop for mental illness and paranoia.

Top comment on that subreddit:

You cannot heal in the same environment that makes you sick. Stop hanging out in community’s which echo your incorrect theories with pseudoscience.

Please. Its for your own wellbeing, get help from family, friends, someone you trust, mental health services. Literally anyone.


These coincidences. just not possible… Thank you for your post. But it seems impossible for me. Because i have only auditory hallucinations, it’s not like voices… idk how to say. It’s like inserted thoughts. They ar speaking with me throught thoughts. And i just know that i don’t speak like that. dream manipulation and delusions without other symptoms. They speak with me. And i think that they are someone i know. I just don’t know what to do. medication does not help me. they did not hesitate to tell me that it is happening to me. otherwise I’m a different person you wouldn’t tell me I’m not normal.

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Case closed. You even call them hallucinations yourself. Get professional help.

You dont understand… i am trying to tell myself that i am sick…


That is a great first step. Medication for these issues is not an exact science. If you don’t have a Dr willing to work with you to find the right balance of effective meds, then find a new one.


this is exactly what schizophrenia feels like. Watch these videos; Life With Schizophrenia: the Voices in Your Head … if that’s anything like what you are experiencing, then go directly to your doctor and ask for a referral for a schizophrenia evaluation from a neurologist.


i dont know is it Remote Neural Monitoring but Voice to Skull/microwave auditory effect is weaponized for sure. medication dont help just dumb me down and makes me numb for these voices. really nothing changed…

for frey effect. it was done in 1970. do you really think that nothing has changed since 1970?

Occam’s razor applies here: assuming the technology to implant chips / thoughts / voices / mind taps in people’s head unbeknown to them exists, it must be a complicated and expensive technology, involving an organization or a conspiracy of people in the know to deploy and exploit successfully.

So ask yourself: are you such an important person that some secret entity will go to the trouble of doing it to you - and for what purpose? You know you’re not. Therefore you can be certain you haven’t been tampered with. Plain and simple.

In any case, if you think you’ve been implanted with something without your knowledge, my advice is this: get yourself chipped deliberately yourself. Maybe a non-data chip like the xLED if you’re concerned. Have it removed later on if you want, but go through the steps of having a chip inserted in you. After it’s fully healed and totally invisible from the outside, I can guarantee you that the memory of the pain and the time it took to be totally undetectable will convince you once and for all that it’s impossible to chip someone without them knowing.


nothing helps me, i think its done remotely however i may be wrong. clicking in head and auditory hallucinations ( i can speak in my mind with them, answer to their questions and make full conversations )

May I ask, have you ever spoken to a mental health professional?
Also if you haven’t done so, follow this link to the Wikipedia page about Paranoid schizophrenia and if nothing else just read the symptoms secton. Everything you describe is in there.
Its time for you to stop searching the internet with keywords such as. “voices in my head” “implants” “mind control” you will just be lead down the path self perpetuating confirmation bias.
Try using search terms like,
signs, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of Paranoid schizophrenia.
Remember, we dont know you, you dont know us, we have nothing to gain, we are trying to help.
Read the Wikipedia page and
Here is another starter for you.
and another
and a video
From reading YOUR comments, I believe YOU know YOU NEED HELP.
Good luck, GET HELP you have nothing to lose.


Coming here and immediately attacking members and calling them names is not what we are about here. So chill. We will gladly give you our opinions, give you advice based on what you say, but seems you have made up your mind. Nothing anyone says here is going to change that, and trust me, you aren’t going to convince us otherwise. I have no doubt what you are going through is real to you. We will tell you there is no technology that can do what you describe. We will ask you for scientific proof you’ve been implanted, for which you cannot provide. Even though a simple xray would prove you aren’t implanted, you wouldn’t believe it anyway.


You are here seeking information, but when we tell you what you don’t want to hear, then you dismiss it stating we don’t have a clue. If you absolutely know we are wrong, then what’s the reason for being here? You are seeking a specific answer instead of the truth. Until you change what you seek, you will not find what you are looking for.


You can’t just label somebody’s mental state.have you ever heard of wireless auditory brainstem implant?


Have you? Jeazuz man… you’re not walking around hearing voices while at the same time wearing an “external processor with microphone” are you? Fuck man… give it up… implant tech just isn’t that fucking advanced… it’s not. We know it’s not. I just got off the phone today with the head of neurosurgery at NeuraLink… a company working at the very limit of brain implant technology… there is nothing like this man… nothing. You have a mental condition.



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