You're not worth microchipping

Have a crack at it. Ya know, all the images are public, and it doesn’t take a genius to photoshop stuff into a picture.

I’ll download GIMP in the morning unless someone else beats me to it :slightly_smiling_face:


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I don’t get it. Worth to who?
The people who might collect your actions? Big-data anyone?
Or worth to ourselves to protect our digital identity with a system like VivoKey?
If someone doesn’t understand the value of microchiping then that person probably still don’t understand the technology.

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i think this is more in reference to people who believe they’ve been SPECIFICALLY microchipped by the government, like “targeted individuals”.

It’s one of the sections in my “you don’t have a chip” post.

I see the little mouse cursor just floating there to the left. Proves we’re all just in a simulation and @amal is implanting us to control our body odour with his evil 5G-activated apocrine chips.



or else



How about in the future:

Ultra long range UHF RFID tags that contain GPS chip

What would @amal being doing out in a public park. :laughing:

You don’t wanna know…

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ok… I think this is a photoshop challenge… take @rosco’s image;


and put Bill Gates sitting in the chair next to me?

Technically, that one is mine. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

oh hahah indeed it is! who’s the blue guy?

Robot, or Will’s Robot, from the new Lost in Space

ah yes… I watched the first ep and decided I wasn’t ready for a new show… maybe time to revisit.

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Not much of a challenge. But if you want me to do it, I’ll do it tomorrow because the xcf with all the masks and layers is on another computer. But maybe someone will pick up the ball before I do :slight_smile:


Somehow I knew you were a gimp :wink:

my work location pays for an ongoing photshop. So I download it to whatever computer I am at. I will take a stab on Monday.

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