The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

I’m quite partial to Pluto myself


I smell burnt toast for some reason


I’m more a fan of the AKG D5 over the Shure SM58 myself, but everyone has their preferences. Pluto isn’t bad at all for the money.

Fair point. I used to be an MX Blue man but have fallen in love with the “thonk” of the Topre, YES IT IS MECHANICAL SHUT UP! :smile:


That’s where I call bullshit, Bluetooth sound quality might be fine for a car and listening on the go, but it definitely isn’t as good as a cable for pure dynamic and frequency response

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Nobodys worth should ever be measured in time, Your input is as valid as the next persons.

I did think about that, But it is not my place to do so.
This was purely to test the appetite and if it gets all disjointed, I’m not bothered.
Just like the So you think you’ve been implanted against your will? thread, Its is a whole lot of weirdness in one place.
But I also see the off-topic as being useful, My concern would be the off topics could easily keep creeping to the top of the latest lists and a whole bunch could end up there, pushing out the actual PURPOSE of this Forum, whereas if it is just this one thread, then it SHOULD be less bothersome ( at least in my mind anyway ) ???


Speaking of Synology… Was doing some transfer speed tests (to test the network setup more than the drives) between a PC and the DS1618 (ramdisk)… Not too shabby. :slight_smile:


Will be used for editing raw 6k video.



Thats some decent speeds, and 6k video, :+1:

What’s your source for the shows and what do you use get them?

I get an RSS feed from ShowRSS and feed that into Deluge and a plugin called YaRSS2. You can use regex filtering to include/exclude entries from the feed like 720 or 1080 etc. After download you can move them to another folder you created.

I’m on windows so Deluge hasn’t been updated in ages, I recently set up my RPi1B as a Pi-Hole DNS on my network and might run Deluge off that and hook up a network drive, the original B is kinda old now so not sure how itll handle that much load, but we’ll see.

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I used to use RSS, but I physically check every day, so I don’t miss new shows, also I generally get TV @720 and movies @1080, I also found that sometimes my RSS would miss it ( generally if I was too specific ) and I would have to go hunting. I should set it back up, but I don’t find it too arduous
I direct download to a seedbox and ftp that to my synology " Downloads folder " Where I would drag and drop to TheRenamer for TV, and for movies, there was a fetch function that I would use.

I hadn’t thought about using a PI, mine is currently set up as an arcade console, but i do have a spare B+…hmmm…

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They are great little yokes. I used have mine, few years ago when I lived elsewhere, hooked up to the sitting room TV and powered through the USB service port and I would SSH into to both download and watch shows.

Was always fun when out for a few drinks with someone and we’d head back to mine for a few more and watch some TV and I’ve already logged into it on the phone from the pub and downloaded the shows we were talking about :smile:

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Pi’s make great media servers and boxes for multi-media. I’ve hosted Plex on them with no real issues that are overwhelming.

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Is a seedbox worth the money? I’ve hummed and hawed about getting one for years

Handling is one thing, simplifying is quite another.
It like taking somebody’s Finely honed SANTOKU knife :hocho: from them and giving them a table knife, sure you can use it, but why make it difficult.

I did many years ago, It was not bad, but I guess I am now looking back :wink:
I don’t recall it renaming files though, does it do that now?

Cheers I’ll check those out :+1:

Depends on the day of the week, but I would have to say :chicken::poultry_leg:

For people like ourselves, that like to hoarde, and I assume you use a ratio based torrent site
It is great, amazing speeds ( but chain is only as stong… :chains: )
Probably unnecessary, as I can use my Synology ( on 24/7 to seed )
I use UK company, servers in the Netherlands. I pay ?? :euro: :euro:10 per month for 1TB ( I use it to keep my ratios up and give back with great speeds )

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Topre = Rubber Domeeee

Plus is it really even a mechanical keyboard if you don’t have Zealios switches?

AND THOUGHTS??? as I walk away do get on with something more productive…

Me too… while mando was a good show, it’s still classic Star Wars fluff bullshit. I believe the fundamental philosophical and moral differences between Star Wars and Star Trek can be summed up thusly…

oh yeah, spoilers…

Mandalorian, Chapter 4 (Sanctuary); Mando & Cara help peasant villagers “rise up” and fight an AT-ST Raider… but before that, Cara talks about how a single AT-ST took out tons of trained rebel soldiers in her unit… in modern terms, it would be like pitting infantry soldiers with machine guns against what amounts to a M1 Abrams tank… a bloodbath with no point… but somehow they “train the villagers” in a montage that could have realistically only covered 24-48 hours at most… lots of great training there guys… and then of course they win with a novel strategy of what? Digging a hole… as if this is something a massive walker from the Star Trek universe couldn’t simply scan and walk over or around, or just stand there blasting the shit out of everyone. It’s feel-good bullshit fluff that is fun to watch, but ultimately is a story-line that is so recurrent in popular culture that it innundates people over and over again with the idea that you can overcome overwhelming odds with no resources if you “just believe”… and when real people take this attitude into the real world and inevitably fail, over and over, they become convinced it’s because they suck and get depressed about life… why can everyone else do all the things and I have such a hard time? Well because life is full of impossible, overwhelming challenges… some you can pick away and at eventually win, but some must be navigated around, or simply given up on. In a Star Trek world, you’d set off and walk straight up Mount Everest with hardly any training and no gear and after a few struggles you’d summit, all because you just “tried hard”. It’s fluff bullshit and a terrible philosophy for life… yet kids grow up on this stuff… integrate it into their identities… it’s just bad.

  • Star Trek TNG, S3:E2 The_Ensigns_of_Command; Humanoids inhabit a planet that is not theirs to inhabit, and an alien comes to wipe them off it. For their own safety, Data tries to convince them to leave, but the villagers want to “rise up” and “fight”. Star Trek doesn’t play that shit… they don’t come up with a magic space hole for the aliens to fall into, Data has to basically risk his own existence to convince them they will die if they don’t leave. I won’t go into such a diatribe here, but ultimately Data has to get murdered, rise from the dead, and start destroying all the things the villagers are clinging on to… mainly an aqueduct… but the point is, this episode is about hard truths and hard choices. This is what life is really like, and in general the show was an excellent philosophical and moral compass for a growing lad like me

rant over.


I love my synology rackmounts… put them in a vertical 2U rack and hang 'em off a wall… one in my garage and one in a colo for “local” backup… and amazon glacier too.


And here I am just rocking my 4 Bay DS-413 ( Pushing the limits at 16TB- which is almost full )


that’s still quite the rocker!