Got the Spark 2 Today - problem with iPhone App

Hi Guys, bit of an introduction my name is Remi, I went down this deep deep rabbit hole last Friday, I’ve been implanted today!

No current use cases, looking to explore and see what’s available, but the spark was mainly about testing the pain out etc, everything is ok from that standpoint so something I’m really looking forward to getting in to :slight_smile:

I may or may not have an issue, implant is 100% in, I can scan it with the app but it brings up 0Auth Expired when I scan, is this something that is wrong with the implant or is it me?

Thanks in advance for any help given :slight_smile:


So swelling has gone down tremendously and I can now get it so scan, I’ve got the right area and it even managed to get me in to put my name and email, upon trying to verify the email it logged me out of the app and trying to get back in or verify my email Im just getting either ‘challenge expired’ or ‘OAuth expired’, does anyone know why this might be (can get a read through NXP taginfo but just can’t get into the vivokey app again :confused: )

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I’ll tag some people for you.

@RyuuzakiJulio @fraggersparks

Thats 2 of the vivokey dev’s Julio wrote the iPhone app so if any one knows what’s up :slight_smile:

Also welcome!!!


Mine spits out the same when I don’t get a good read. Could just be from the swelling not allowing proper coupling

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Thank you!

I did think that could be the case, thought I’d ask the question to make sure, thanks

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tenor (38)

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So that’s definitely helped thanks, it now keeps reading but saying challenge expired so I take that to mean it’s taking too long due to the swelling?

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