Got xSIID - NFC+LED Implantat today. Not working?

Hi there.

I got my xSIID - NFC+LED Implantat from Digiwell today. Now I tried to scan/write it with my iPhone.

It flashes not more.

So i am quite new in this topic. What could I do now to get it work with my / any smartphone?

Thanks for your help.

This could be due to swelling, which is quite common for fresh installs.
I would suggest you try another scan in the dark with the top edge of you iPhone making an + with the xSIID…It may be a faint glow if there is alot of swelling.
You could also try to read it in the same Manor, but you can turn the lights :bulb: on :smiley:

If not, you may just need to wait for the swelling to reduce ( difficult I know )

Let us know if you have any success

Ah I need correct writing! It flashes, not more. So I mean no more function. NFC Tools will not read it i am not able to write it.

Sorry mate.
Your English is good, but can I just confirm.

Your LED still works
You can not read or write with NFC tools?

If so it is probably still swelling that is the cause.

It is a very fresh install, the LED does it need the coupling to be as good as it needs to be for a read, and a write news to be even better.

3 things for you,
just give e it some time to heal.
Maybe a week…

Try TagWriter by NXP (I think apple support it)

If you are more comfortable you can use the translate function on the forum.
Of course if you want to practice your English, that is fine too.

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Notice the angle the phone is to the implant