GoToTags app and FlexDF2 (large NDEF records)

Just wondering if anyone has experienced issues reading large NDEF records (>1000b) on Windows?

I’m using an ACS ACR1252 with ACS drivers and GoToTags as Windows app options seem pretty slim.

Reads fine on iOS using NXP TagInfo and Android using NFC Tools Pro.

Anyone got suggestions?

Use NFC tools on Windows. It’s Java so you can run it if you have Java installed. Gototags is only interested in programming cheap labels and stickers they sell you.

I have tried to download their app several times on several computers but it always seems to fail shortly before it finishes. :man_shrugging: (56.8 MB)

Also they offer a Dropbox download option as well.

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Thanks for that :slight_smile:

Is this the expected behaviour with the FlexDF2?

Here is what it looks like on iOS

Not sure never used it on desktop except for one time in 2016. What does the memory tab say?

‘Unable to read memory’

Heh well seems broken :confused: lame.