GPS/Tracking Implants

I’m curious about GPS/tracking implants like in movies where chip implants are used to track the person movements/locations. Do we have products like that here? or anywhere else? I know Smart tags that uses BLE exist and used but they cannot really be used as an implant.

Nope. Except for some rare medical devices (pacemakers for instance), no implant has a battery. A battery would be needed to power the device to get the GPS signal and send the location by some means.

Anyway, nearly everyone has already a GPS tracking device in his hand or pocket :wink:


There not really a thing because to do that you need communication between the implant and something else over long distances. As you can imagine, to achieve that the implant would need a power source. Batteries and capacitors are still too unsafe to implant and power harvesting from the body is not even close to producing enough power.

For that reason implants that exist are passive (powerless) meaning they are only able to communicate with a scanner that’s really close because the scanner is wirelessly power the implant ( which is not possible over distances greater than a meter or so especially with tiny chips like the ones in the implants).

I believe BLE smart tags tags do have a coin battery inside them that lasts for a while (like watches). Hence why we can’t turn those into implants.

If you were reckless you could totally implant a GPS tracker of course but including the battery hardware and coating it would be the size of a matchbox and the battery wouldn’t last very long so it would have to be replaced… Not exactly practical or hidden :sweat_smile: