Greetings humans

Hello humans, I have joined at the recommendation of @TheOv3rminD
I’m here to kick gum and chew ass, and I’m all out of ass


Hmm, bold of you to assume I’m human


Many of us have transcended that limitation =)

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Hey! Good to see you here! I might suggest introducing yourself a bit, and maybe talking a little bit more about some implants you may be interested in acquiring / things you would like to be able to do, that there may be a solution pre-made, or, even better… A solution we can all work on making a reality together!

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I’d like to implant a VIVOkey Flex into my dick so I can unlock chastity belts.
Alternatively, sticking a Spark 2 in my hand would be cool. I’d like to embed a reader into my next desk and kick off some LED effects when I palm in.


-Dick Kickem


By the way everyone, my friend here (OP) is a the most gifted web developer I have ever met. She’s especially outstandingly excellent at JS / Typescript / CSS. She Programmed our new site (this is not an ad guys, lol) in a single weekend! If anyone has web dev related questions or projects, this is your girl right here!

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Well. I hate this entire thread.


Haha yes… this forum has cultivated a certain kind of vibe and the first volley of posts here were a bit jarring… but we can let things settle in. Talented interesting people make all kinds of different entrances… it takes time sometimes to read the room so to speak.


I’d love to sit down, have a cup of coffee, and char sometime. Your way of looking at things is always refreshing

I’d love to have a char. Hell I’d even varchar if you had the storage space.


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**Chat :sob::sob::rofl::rofl:

Although if you’re looking for some char, I hear an old man in a red suit gives char out to children who are naughty. Not sure how it works for us adults though. I’m starting to suspect it might’ve been a ruse to get children to be good.

I do not have sufficient storage space for varchar. I’m limited to the 1KB storage of the NExT as I’ve made a complete switch from flash drives to implantable storage. With the desfire implant I’ll be able transfer 8x faster lol

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Ok, but how can I convince Amal to upload me to a Gundam? That way, I can be Gundam…



Step 1 - make Gundam

Step 2 - ???

Step 3 - profit!


I love me some gundam… LUV

But ever since I watch gundam wing as a kid… seeing that gorgeous cockpit… I’ve never been able to close the tab in the back of my mind

Begin gundam nerd ramble

I want to to know the control layout…. In absurd unnecessary detail

At various points the left and right joystick appear to function in a 4 dof setup, standard 3dof controller with an additional Y slide…

Each stick having a few hat switches and buttons

Plus 2 rudder pedals

That seems like a decent amount of control, for something say mech warrior or chromehound (goddamn I loved and miss that game…… curse you sony… I spit my last breath at thee)

But if we are talking about something armored core (more the theatrical trailer like ac4 which I think is still epic) or gundam…

That’s a lot of articulation to control with what seems like far to few controls

I’ll half accept what Iron blooded orphans did with the semi BCI thing, (also god damn that got dark)

But then why have stick controls?

Also… and I can’t stress this enough… G gundam… while some good battles…. Can fuck 200% right off with the mocap battle suit nonsense
Just like ______ the rule is we don’t talk about it