Guitar/bass guitar players- anywhere to avoid implants?

Greetings fellow units of the collective,

so I’ve had my xSIID in my left hand (L3 I think) for half a year and I love it. I kind of want to get that new xG3 now, but my main worry about implants is just that I use my hands for music so I want to be careful. I plan on never getting aything implanted near my fingertips (I play flute as my main instrument), but with the magnet, I’m curious if there’s anywhere else that I should avoid having implants, considering an instrument like the bass guitar uses strings that are magnetic (which is how the pickups detect a signal).

When I think about it, I don’t think there’s anywhere on the metacarpal areas that I should avoid re: instruments, and it’s probably not a big deal anywhere else, but the thought keeps on nagging me. Anyone with experience with implants and any kind of music instrument where you perform a lot of small, similar motions with specific parts of your hand?

Thoughts or any input is appreciated. Thanks!

I was more thinking the opposite: if I was to implant a magnet, I’d look into implanting it somewhere convenient to - perhaps - create unique sound effects by messing up with the pickups on purpose. Technically I don’t think you’ll achieve anything audible, since a magnet would just statically bias the pickup’s field, but you never know: you could obtain a sound unique to you as an implantee. Maybe run some tests with the implant still in the injector to see what’s achievable.

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What an interesting thought! I didn’t imagine this at all, but I’ll consider it. Very nice, Rosco.

Yeah, he is… :wink:

And also, don’t forget his Theremin thread

You have quite a memory :slight_smile:

Okay that’s pretty cool :flushed::flushed: that seems like that would be a gr8 project, refreshing my python memory and programming the device to output pitches in a certain scale or something. Very very cool.

This is what I have been wondering about in regards to typing or playing piano