Gx3 v2 vs spontaneous removal of motorcycle via dear

So two ish weeks ago on march 28
one of the local dear decided, I was making to much noise on the road that cuts through her woods and diceced to do something about it. “Take one for the team so to speak” and ran out in front of my bike. I am anal about “all the gear all the time” so I was fine a side from a small heat rash and some nice bruises. only side note is I can not recommended a helit moto air bag as it did not deploy, big bummer.

For the rest of this post I will focus on my left hand a that is where my implants are. I have a titan in my ring finger, as well as a NeXt in the web of my hand, and lastly a gx3v2 on the knife edge of my hand below the thumb. As a note it was dark at the time and it happened fast so I don’t remember everything perfectly I am going mostly of damage to my gloves. As for distance I am going off of a tape measure from where the scrape in the road started to where I stopped in the ditch.

So I was headed down the road at around 65mph, and would not have slowed below 55 by time of impact. the dear hit my windshield at an angle making the forks lock to the left and making the bike go into a low side. The right side of my body hit the pavement fist lessing the impact on my left. My left hand made impact on the knife edge bellow my pinkie finger, than my hand rolled onto my knuckles. As I slide my left hand came above my head and started sliding on the side with my gx3 taking a chunk out of the glove above it. I slid for a total of 116ft before hiting the ditch as confirmed by my trusty tape measure. Based of scraping on the glove I assume I slid for 40- 50ft on the magnet not a 100% sure tho. After getting out of the pan it was into the fire once I hit the ditch I rolled 3 or 4 times I don’t remember the exact amount. During this time I was trying to stop myself with my hands but I think most of the trams was to my palms and pinkie finger side of my hand, as under the thumb is on the inside of my hand; plus the fact most of the dirt was on my palms and above mentioned side of my hand.

Once I got home I noticed some pain and redness to the gx3v2 but no fever or swelling. The pain went away after a 2 days and I have had no problems with it. Now that I am two weeks out I feel good saying the it survived but I will posed an update if it starts to have problems. Feel free to ask questions I’ll respond to the best of my abilities.


Once I figger out how to add pictures I’ll post one of the glove

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Do you ride with a tape measure for just such an occasion, or did you go back to measure?

Also, glad you’re okay

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I use it for work so I keep that thang on me,
Never know when you might need it lol.
Ended up going back the next day as it was a mile from my house. Was not feeling up to it directly after my spontaneous dispatchment.

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deer decided to schedule a rapid disassembly damn


I’m glad you’re ok.
Did you got an x-ray of the hand just to make sure the glass is ok?

Dam … Mine saved my life last year … Did you contact them? They have awesome customer/tech support.


not sure if that will make it into


Cool story though.

AND the moral of the story…always carry a tape measure

METRIC tape measure




Nah I just got a xray of my legs, nothing else hurt bad enough to justify the cost. I figgerd with the magnet it did not matter as I did not want to explain it being there. Pluse if it had a problem I would be the one to remove it.
As for the air bag I contacted them and sent it in but have not heard back from them yet. After looking at other air bags I think I am going to go back to
big ass back protector™ plus a total epic neck guard™
I just cannot except any failure rate at that price tag.

My bad it was 35.3 meters lol I prefer metric and use it at home but alas “this ain’t no commie country” so at work I am stuck with SAE. I have thought about changing my bosses tape with a metric only one just to cause some pandemonium for a day tho. As for my spelling… Or lack there of it is probly better I stay in construction and don’t move to a tech job lol.

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Exactly why say crash when you can say Rapid Unintentional Disassembly people are no fun any more

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