Gym Access with Ganter GAT Lock

Hey there,

my plan is to use an implant for gym access and get rid of the member card. I tried to read my member card with mobile and pc reader (NFC, hf) without success. So I guess it could be a low frequenzy card!? The gym chain uses a system by the company Gantner, to give access, closing lockers and for payment. The locks seem to be GAT lock 5000 system.

When u enter the club, they need to read your card and after that u are able to lock the doors of the lockers. The computer receives your card number during this process. Not sure if something written to the card at his moment?!

Anybody here has experiences with this kind of usage? Is it possible?



The system is using a legic chipset, so I guess there is no working implant available.

We may have an option for you… let me do some investigation and see if there is a possibility we can work out for you.

Can you confirm that the gym is able to program new cards at their facility?

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Hey Amal,

thanks for your reply. They use the older Ganter 5000 system, which is described in the link.
So it seems to be the legic chipset. Newer Ganter systems support a wider range of chipsets (e.g. mifare).

I have access to cards, reader and the used software. So I can confirm that the cards are programmed in the facility for new members or if somebody is losing his or her card. The sw just links the id of the card with the dataset of the customer. Quite normal procedure. I will check the frequenzy of the reader with your testcard tomorrow.

With just the (blanko) cards its possible to open the entrance doors. For that they are obviously just checking if a readable card is present (reader does not check if contract is valid, no database connection). To close lockers, the cards need to be checked into to system first. Otherwise your are not able to use any lockers. So I guess they check your contract status in the system and write a token to the card during the checkin process.

If u need more details, let me know.



Its an HF system based on Legic chipset.