Ham Radio Project

I wasn’t sure about posting this here but we’ll see if anyone is interested. It’s not an RFID project but it is radio related so I placed it in the Lounge.

Today I received my Ham radio CW kit. It is the 5W QCX transceiver from qrp-labs.com. This transceiver is designed for only one band and only CW (morse code) but it uses an ATmega328P to do some cool stuff like using an lcd screen that can decode morse code automatically.

The pcb is 2 layer and comes with the only 2 smd IC’s pre-installed. I ordered the 20m band kit and below is what I received today.


Got my first toroid wound. I want to double check the continuity before I solder it in place but my multimeter has a bad fuse :rage:

Here’s my first ever winding.
3 turns, 3 turns, 3 turns, 30 turns


Thats actually pretty cool I worked with a ham guy couple years ago and though it would be cool but never got around to it. Plus I live in a flat and am not allowed to string up antennas so …

Maybe the car? :thinking:

Tordials are a PITA at least big ones are we wound one (me and the guy mentioned above) to go from laderline I think to coax but at 50W!
Thats som thick wire lol

Helium balloon? You’d have to raise / lower it alot. Fair weather only, unless you wanna figure out what Lightning is made of.


My current plan is a loop antenna as I have the same space constraints.

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When I built my antenna for my FM transmitter, I used two sections of the galvanized tubing that goes along the top of a chain link fence. Each piece is 10ft long (3.048 meters, Pilgrimaster :wink:)

You could put up a flag mount, then set the sections together and stand it up. Storing two 10ft pipes might be the worst of it. But you could disappear the whole rig in a heartbeat.

So I went out and bought a disposable Harbor Freight multimeter as an instant fix. Good enough to check continuity and continue on until I can get my fuse shipped.

I finished the first round of capacitors today and I will say the instructions are very well done. For each variety of component they give a location number on the silkscreen, a color coded graphic to find it, and the label on the component.

So far so good. Only one burn. I butterfingered the soldering iron and instinct told me to grab it with the other hand before it fell. I grabbed right on it with my off hand. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Oooohhhhh. That fucking sucks. I’ve never grabbed the iron, but I have leaned on it with the side of my forearm. It turned some very interesting colors

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oops, when I read that, my first thought was “Oh no, @Locutus burnt his PCB or a component” was that wrong my immediate concern was for your project and not your flesh??? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
unnamed (36)

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Lol, flesh heals. Never severly burned myself with a soldering iron.
To really burn yourself proper try welding…
I was gas welding in a tight space 40 years ago with no glove on my feed hand.
In an act of immense wanton ignorance of the laws of physics I passed the tip of the torch flame across my fingers, quickly.
With 5000°+F the btu transfer is very fast… looked like a laser beam had run across my fingers.
On two of joints too so for 2 weeks I was reminded of my fail everytime I wanted to flex those fingers.

Oooh, painful memories.

Dropped a redhot dingleberry on top of my tennis shoe, it was about 3/8" and just went straight through to flesh. There is no fast enough way to rip a shoe off, and by the time you can, …damage done.

I don’t know what that is in °C but I guess that is hot :wink:

Are you guys just fucking with me now :interrobang: :man_shrugging:
Speaking gobbledygook!


2,800°C but can be as hot as 3500°C depending on the type of flame used; carbonizing, neutral or oxidizing.
A very hot and dense heat source… I can verify that.

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I have to say, the only definition I have ever known, before a quick google, was this;

No kidding - the other day I had to explain to someone the size difference between a CO2 molecule and the average size of coronavirus, and was forced to give this measurement for a micron: “0.000039 inch” :rofl: :face_vomiting:

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Resistors are in. Things are getting tight


Looking pretty… :sunglasses:

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Thanks. I just have to not screw it up now :slight_smile:


Very very close!


JD Popcorn

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