Hand Jamming and Implants (Trad Climbing)

There are more than a few rock climbers on the forum but there don’t seem to be many people stuffing their mitts in cracks. I went out and visited an old friend for the first time since getting chipped and snagged a picture. Back of the wrist and potentially the blade of the hand seem to be the safest places (I have a magnet in each knife edge)–at least for hand sized stuff. Fists probably won’t do so well with blade placements.

I have an Apex where the arrow is pointing. It’s a bit hard to tell what’s going on from the photo but all of the light red bits were in direct (as in holding body weight) contact with stone. It looks like there was a small amount of rubbing on the leading edge (the smaller red mark further down the wrist)–nothing I even noticed. No issues scanning after one session but time will tell.

Anyone get in any jamming with a glassie in p0?

I have a xG3 in P2. I haven’t done any cracks since getting it (don’t rock climb much these days) but just from sticking my hand in other places, I would say you definitely would not want to have one on the back of the hand.

P0 would be better, but may still provide some discomfort when jamming with a fist.
Again, I haven’t done any climbing with my implants, just educated guess having done it and having implants in P0 and P2.