Hardware for Home Access

Hey guys,
im planning to upgrade my Home to get access with my implant.
I have some questions for the hardware.
After a lot of (pointless) searching for a Wiegand34 controller i finally found the local onlineshop i-keys. But their controller (german description is more extensive) is very expensive (240€) in comparison to the nearly identical chinese Wg26 controllerboards (found one for 40€ in the past) like this one..
Do you have any wg34 alternative?

I addition i want to buy this case and maybe a reader with good quality for outdoor installation. Could this reader cause problems, because its made of metal?

I already got this one with dual LF/HF.

What implant do you have?’

It sounds like you’re going the industrial building way. Maybe that’s a bit too much for your home. Have you considered one of those integrated NFC locks? It ain’t cheap in and of itself, but once you’ve factored in your Wiegand reader, access controller, box, electric latch, wiring and all that jazz, maybe you’ll find it a better option.

Yes i have and also found a really interesting one, but i‘m no fan of batteries.
Same thing with all the other „smarthome“ devices like heater control at every heater. Not very smart in my opinion. How much devices with batteries should i install?
I prefer solutions, where i can control the whole heating system in the basement. The same applies to access control.
Currently i only have the Walletmor (7byte id)

The reader i have bought was cheap (20€). If it doesn‘t work, it‘s not the end of the world.
In germany we have a two weeks refund policy at online orders. If it doesnt work with the walletmor, i can send it back.

Well, it’s not really the cost of the reader: if you invest in a controller, latch, power supply, box, wiring, put it all together and it don’t work - or worse, subsequently you can’t find any Wiegand reader that plays ball with the Walletmor - then that’s money and time down the drain. If I were you, I’d get a cheap Wiegand-to-serial converter and I’d check that it reports the UID before going any further.

Of course, if you want to be sure, there’s always the Recommended DT Route™: get yourself another implant. Or two :slight_smile:

By the way, have you taken a look at the implant compatibility matrix?

Pilgrims: incidentally, shouldn’t the Walletmor be added in there?

Yes i did. Unfortunately most of the entries are readers or nfc locks. At position Z is a controller a saw on amazon, but it supports only wg26.

I dont think so. I already found nfc locks which are capable of reading payment chips.
I think i will give ikeys a try, even if it is a little bit expensive. I will test the hardware on the table and if it doesnt work, i will send it back.
I just hoped, that there is a cheaper controllerboard out there.

If you’re aware of the potential pitfalls, that’s great. Just wanted to be sure you knew.

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