Has anyone Experience with a "Curve" Card [Conversion]?

General information about Curve:

This is their Website:

As far as I know their Credit Cards are valid for ~4 Years (at least my friends card was, but it’s about to expire now so it could have changed)

It’s possible to connect Multiple Mastercards / Visacards to the App and select which Bank account should be used for paying, also, you can change it within 14 days after you made the Payment.

I have not seen anyone discuss their service here on the forum so I’d like to ask if anyone has converted one and if yes, how (well) does it work?


I love Curve cards but as far as I know they only offer full sized cards tho so normal conversion might not work. Maybe a com conversion could work but as far as I know it’s currently in testing stage with @Satur9 although it’s not curve card it’s testing I believe.

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Can you explain a little more about what a com conversion is please?

Also, I presume that by full size you refer to the actual Credit Card size? (Which probably has longer wires then smaller Chips / Cards I’d think)

I think it might be possible if the chip has a relatively standard capacitance but you’ll have to ask Amal.

What does TagInfo say? If you have an LCR meter, you might be able to sacrifice a card and mesure the antenna inductance but you must be very careful, doing this wrong could give you false hope, and you will probably have to get a new card to get converted.

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Personally or one option at least:-
I would ask your friend for theirs when it expires,
TagInfo dump it, record antenna capacitance
Throw it in a glass of acetone and see what the insides look like ( Or shine a bright light from behind )

Share you discoveries here

Basically he (satur9) is / has been testing the viability of conversions with The Visble chip on a Chip and Pin card

This has been mentioned in the DT Club.

And also discord. Checked it was some what public first.

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Haha, it was more of a recruitment drive than “calling you out”


No worries :joy:

If this would be possible I would also be interested in this conversion. Although they might offer only one card per account.

Might check if my old card has some info too what I can share here.

Does Mastercard have different chips in their cards, or do the banks just take Mastercards “technology Standard” and produce their own cards with varying chips?

I don’t have a card yet (Still need to verify my Curve Account and then wait until they ship my card), however, I asked my friend, if she can do the TagInfo Scan for me and will post the results here.

Yeah I’ll ask if I can have it ^^

Some minimal info and a video there.

There are more details on discord I guess


Thanks for sharing, it does look pretty cool :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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TagInfo is made by NXP, it is pretty good at recognising most chips (better than NFC Tools, but not as good as a Proxmark)
If the Curve used a NXP chip rather than Infeneon, we may have got a capacitance (a look up not a measure)
like this one of my Spark

So the better option would be to send the card to Amal intact for his inspection of feasibility

True. Good to know :+1:

Checked my newer card too. Same manufacturer but had little bit more data and some values on the ndef portion.

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@amal Are Metal Cards also convertible or only plastic ones?

Cards typically aren’t convertible at all, not unless they are some kind of contactless only card. Any card with a contact interface is typically not convertible.

The curve card is not a real tokenizable cards because it expires after 4 years… it is not very different to a Laks wearable (walletmor implant) which expires itself. The curve one seems to be one of the classic attempt to sell some revolutionary product when it is clear also for me that it is not comparable to real tokenizable cards. At this time the only way on the market to have a real tokenizable card would be partnering/working with Fidesmo (Fidesmo Pay is the only real tokenization service for NFC Smartcard eSE devices) or VivoKey itself.